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Conor “The Destroyer” Benn’s Current Top 4 Supplements


Now that Conor has had some time to familiarise himself with our products & brands, we thought it was time to ask him which products were his favourites so far from our site, watch the video above to see his response!




  • EFFECTIVENESS: Conor used this particular pre-workout before he fought Chris Algeri recently. The main effects of FLIGHT are to maximise energy, physical performance and mental focus! In particular the mental focus component is tremendous for FLIGHT. A-List Verdict 8/10


  • INGREDIENTS: As it features key trademarked ingredients like CARNOSYN beta alanine and INFINERGY Dicaffeine Malate at clinical dosages, it is clear to see that BPN formulated flight with the end consumer in mind. No cutting corners, no poorly research backed ingredients, just premium quality and thus premium results. The only thing that it does lack is muscle pumps for those looking to maximise hypertrophy training BUT that is why they created Endo-Pump to stack alongside it. A-List Verdict 7/10


  • MIXABILLITY: The product mixes exceptionally well with no clumps in the powder at all (Assuming it’s stored correctly). A-List Verdict 9/10


  • TASTE: Pink Star blast is our UK & EU exclusive FLIGHT flavour that we collaborated with BPN on, we created this product based on very popular sweet, Percy Pigs! Very fruity and absolutely delicious. If you did fancy trying other flavours, they have 5 others that are also incredible. A-List Verdict 9/10


  • VALUE: Containing 13.3g of ingredients per scoop and covering everything from muscle pumps to increased endurance as well as much more, you have a very well rounded, complete pre-workout. Not to mention, most packed pre-workouts like FLIGHT are a 20 serving container, it’s very refreshing that FLIGHT is 30 servings, good value in our opinion . A-List verdict 8/10


  • AVAILABLE FLAVOURS: Pink Star Blast, Blue Raspberry, Green Apple, Strawberry Kiwi and Sour Watermelon 






  • EFFECTIVENESS: Due to Conor’s training being so endurance based, he’s constantly utilising electrolytes and losing them through his sweat. Replenishing them is key in order to maximise hydration and performance! A-List Verdict 9/10


  • INGREDIENTS: Not all electrolyte supplements are created the same, BPN have definitely proven that with their electrolytes. Not only does it contain a full spectrum electrolyte panel with a whopping 500mg Sodium (from pink Himalayan sea salt) per serving, all their electrolytes in their formula are TRAACs. What does that mean? It means your electrolytes are more bioavailable compared to the norm and thus won’t cause any stomach discomfort when taking them which some can on the market! Not BPN’s however, the only hole we see in this formula is possibly a bit more ingredients to cell hydration like some Glycerol for example in a small dose but perhaps we are just “knit picking” as it is designed to be a standalone electrolyte supplement which it does very well at. A-List Verdict 7/10


  • MIXABILLITY: Mixes very well, a nice clear liquid which is great to show it’s naturally flavoured with no dyes etc in the product. 9/10



  • TASTE: Very heavy salt taste due to the sodium however ultimately very pleasant for containing so many actives and being naturally flavoured. A-List Verdict 7/10


  • VALUE: Very good value for money when amount of servings per tub are considered (50 servings). A-List Verdict 9/10


  • AVAILABLE FLAVOURS: Lemon Lime, Raspberry, Salted Watermelon




CREATINE: BPN Creatine Monohydrate


  • EFFECTIVENESS: Creatine Monohydrate is one of the most research backed products in our industry containing decades of validated studies to show that creatine does improve muscle power output and physical performance. If you are an athlete looking to improve your training, creatine is a must in our opinion and we know Conor holds it in very high regard also. A-List Verdict 10/10


  • INGREDIENTS: BPN use a patented form of Creatine Monohydrate in the form of Creapure, it’s a German sourced creatine that is purer than all other forms on the market, therefore giving you better results. We would have liked to have seen some more ingredients to improve absorption however that then throws off the cost of the product which is already very good for the profile. A-List Verdict 7/10



  • MIXABILLITY: It is just pure creatine, so the mixability isn’t great however it’s not unbearable! It’s just like all other forms of creatine. 4/10


  • TASTE: Unflavoured so best to add it to your post workout shake or FLIGHT pre workout. 0/10


  • VALUE: Considering you get 5g of Creapure per serving and 60 servings per container it’s very good value for money, especially seeing as how effective it is. A-List Verdict 10/10







  • EFFECTIVENESS: Protein consumption for any athlete is a vital part of their nutrition plan, it’s the main component responsible for improving their muscle recovery from session to session reducing muscle aches and pains that they may have created. With Conor training so much on a daily basis, keeping his protein intake nice and high is vital to ensure progress is still made in the gym! Using a protein like BPN Whey Protein is incredibly convenient and easy to do. A-List Verdict 8/10


  • INGREDIENTS: Comprised of 12% Micellar casein as well as 88% Whey Concentrate protein concentrate, you are getting both fast and slow digesting protein to give you a nice “drip feed” of amino acids into your bloodstream, fantastic for those that struggle to eat often throughout the day. BPN’s protein is also fully INFORMED FOR SPORT but is also the FIRST product in our industry to be INFORMED FOR PROTEIN which is a stamp of approval guaranteeing you that what is on the label is exactly what is in the product avoiding the risk of amino-spiking etc. A-List Verdict 10/10



  • MIXABILLITY: Due to the mixture of casein and whey you get a very creamy, thick protein shake that definitely give you the impression of a genuine milkshake. Along with that it mixes exceptionally well. A-List Verdict 8/10


  • TASTE: One of, if not THE best tasting protein we have tried in our industry, it is simply phenomenal! Conor’s favourite currently is NUTTER BAR BLAST, our favourite is APPLE PIE. A-List Verdict 9/10



  • VALUE: With all the quality assurances in place, the incredible flavours and the sheer quality of the product we think it’s extremely good value. A-List Verdict 9/10


  • FLAVOURS AVAILABLE: Blueberry Muffin, Fruity Cereal, Cinnamon Roll, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Vanilla, Chocolate Fudge, Milk N'Cookies, Nutter Bar Blast and Apple Pie



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