Whey Isolate Protein

Whey protein powder is one of the most common muscle building supplements for athletes as it is highly diverse, offers a range of benefits and is easy to fit into your routine. However, whey protein isolate (or WPI) takes it one step further. This protein powder goes through an extra filtration process to increase its protein content to over 90%, leaving no room for carbs or fats. Whey isolate protein offers all the benefits of the high-quality amino acids in protein powders with fewer additives to promote gains in muscle mass and weight loss. 

The best whey isolate protein powders for athletic performance

All our whey protein isolate powders display detailed nutritional information panels to help you make the right decision for yourself and your exercise objectives.

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Whey protein is a byproduct of milk which is concentrated protein in powder form. Whey protein isolate is more refined than whey protein concentrate, meaning the product has a higher proportion of protein to other byproducts like carbs and fats. For this reason, whey protein isolate is often used by those looking to build lean muscle and keep body fat to a minimum.

Protein intake is essential for athletes in all kinds of areas, from high-intensity workouts and lifting to endurance athletes. Whey isolate protein supplements ensure that you have the high-protein diet necessary to build, repair and maintain muscles.

Protein isolate powders have a low carb, saturate and fat content, making these particular protein supplements beneficial for athletes who need a higher protein and amino acid intake while still allowing them to lose weight. Whey isolate is also absorbed quickly post-workout, enabling enhanced recovery and reduced delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS).

Whey protein isolate is a complete protein, meaning it contains a number of essential amino acids that the body can’t create on it’s own. It’s a fully natural product and therefore has not been found to have many negative side-effects in a range of different user demographics. Since whey isolate is derived from milk, it also contains a variety of other nutrients that are beneficial to your body. It’s variety of health benefits are why whey protein is one of the most widely-used exercise supplements around.

We sell whey protein isolate products from a variety of the US's leading suppliers. Each product has been carefully designed to help you meet your goals and keep you motivated towards them, whether that's with indulgent flavourings for the best quality protein shake or gluten-free and allergen safe products for those with intolerances. To find the best whey isolate for you, check out our products for more information.

Whey is a by-product of cheese which is filled with all the essential amino acids our bodies need. These amino acids are the building blocks of cells and help to repair and build our muscles when we exercise. Whey concentrate and whey protein isolate powders are similar in make-up, the only difference is that whey isolate has gone through an extra process of microfiltration to give it a higher protein content. This also removes more of the carbs and fats found in pure whey, making isolate powders more common for those who want to lose weight while still ensuring their getting the highest quality proteins.

Whey isolate is a more refined form of whey protein than whey concentrate with fewer saturates and fats to provide as much protein as physically possible with as little calories. Because of the additional process the product goes through to reach this level of refinement, whey isolate is often more expensive than whey concentrate. Both products do a similar job but many find that isolate protein fits into their diet more effectively.

Whey isolate powders are filled with amino acids, including branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs). Because whey isolate includes complete proteins, whey isolate protein shakes can be taken at any time - pre-workout, post-workout, or even throughout the day. Whey protein isolate provides optimum nutrition for athletes to keep you energised and regenerating muscle whether you're working out or not.

Both whey isolate protein and whey concentrate can be used by those early in their gym careers. Each product has similar uses so it often doesn’t matter which product you choose when starting out. However, the reduced fat and saturates levels of whey isolate mean that this can be more effective for those on a tighter caloric intake during the early stages of working out. Whether you use whey isolate or whey concentrate will depend on your fitness goals and body type.

Whether you mix your whey protein with milk or water will be dependent on personal preference and fitness goals. Whey protein mixes with water more easily because it is a low-density liquid compared to milk but this isn’t always necessary to make an enjoyable shake.

Mixing your whey isolate with water over milk also means you will reduce the number of calories and fat you consume which can be useful for those on a ketogenic diet or trying to reduce their intake to improve weight loss. On the other hand, mixing your whey protein with milk can help you bulk up if you’re a beginner or looking to build muscle mass.

Even for athletes who include a diverse range of protein sources in their diets, protein is a vital part of any exercise regime. For optimum nutrition, especially for those who often do high-intensity workouts or endurance exercises, whey protein isolate is a great way to supplement your typical dietary regime and give your body the nutrients it needs.