Customer Spotlight



Here at A-List we believe in our customers and we want to be able to help them in anyway shape or form, may that be supplements or general fitness advice. We want to be more than your standard supplement store, we want to build a family, a community, a group of athletes always looking to help others succeed. 


In September 2022, we had started our new monthly segment 'Customer Spotlight'. There is where we share and celebrate the achievements of one of our customers and get their story out there. No matter how big or small you may think the achievement is, we want to know, we are all different and have different goals in mind. The achievement you think is small, could be massive for someone else and help inspire them to get after their goals.


If you are picked for the Customer Spotlight we will contact yo to ask some further questions and then dedicate a blog post to you and what you have achieved! You will also get 20% off your next order.. totally worth it right? 


If you are not picked, please do not feel disheartened! We will be keeping all applications on file. You may not be picked in October but you could be picked in November!


If this feels like something you want to get in on, complete the form below!