Core Nutritionals


Core Nutritionals is a premium range of health and fitness supplements designed to support elite and casual athletes in reaching their goals. The Core Nutritionals range we stock at A-List Nutrition includes everything from pre-workout powders to wellness supplements like omega-3 tablets. Core Nutritionals is a leading American brand that is dedicated to providing supplements with no fillers and no proprietary blends so you know exactly what you’re getting from every product.

Core Nutritionals are a hugely popular brand in the US, which is why we’re proud to be their exclusive distributor in the UK & EU. Their no-nonsense brand is informed by their experience as pro competitors in the fitness industry so whether you’re a bodybuilding expert or someone looking to improve your results at the gym, you know their products can help you out. Many of the Core Nutritionals products we stock have been reviewed by our customers so check out the products that catch your eye to see what real users have to say about them.

Fury is a pre-workout supplement and pump amplifier from Core Nutritionals. This product is filled with the fundamentals of pre-workout: energy-boosting, stamina-pumping, skin-bursting ingredients that can push you further in every gym session, help you reach your PBs and give your body everything it needs to start recovering quickly so you can get straight back into it.

Core Nutritionals products are strong, reliable workout supplements informed by extensive research and experience in the fitness industry. At A-List Nutrition, we’re proud to be the exclusive distributor of Core Nutritionals in the UK & EU, bringing our customers a range of premium quality health and wellness supplements that support you in and out of the gym.