• | James Dodds

    Top 10 Chest Exercises

    Continuing from our last blog, due to the number of emails received we thought ‘why not make a blog dedicated to each day?’. Well because we want you all to be happy, that is exactly what we are going to do!   On today’s blog, probably one of the most favourable training days… Chest Day. Taking t... View Post
  • | James Dodds

    Top 10 Leg Day Exercises

    Ahhhh Leg Day, it can be easily described like marmite, some of us love it and some of us hate it. However this is one of the most important days that we all have to go through! (Some people even do it twice a week… mental).   There are plenty of exercises to choose from and putting a workout pla... View Post
  • | James Dodds

    What To Eat Before The Gym?

    Eating the right foods before hitting the gym can massively impact the results you achieve and aid in an overall better workout. With the necessary fuel and nutrients you will be able to perform at your best throughout the session.   It is crucial that the body is prepared for the workout and the... View Post