Chris Pazienti: Miami Pro Overall Winner and MuscleMania Competitor 2017

Im a 22 year old fitness model competitor. I studied dance for four years at university and have been training ever since I turned seventeen. I'm motivated and constantly driven to be better than I was yesterday and strive to one day make a name for myself within the fitness industry. I am very self disciplined and take my training and nutrition very seriously. I have competed three times, placing first in my most recent show which has handed me the invitation to compete at MuscleMania in Las Vegas at the end of this year. In the long run I hope to one day become a role model to inspire and motivate the next generation of fitness enthusiasts.


I am excited to be a part of the A-List Nutrition team. They provide top of the range high quality supplements that are essential in my daily routine. I would never use or promote any supplements unless I truly believed they were top quality.

Lewy Blackmore: Crossfit coach & Competitor, Level 3 Personal Trainer

“I started my fitness journey originally playing football professional for AFC Bournemouth before moving out and playing for 2 years in America. During my time out there I got more involved in weight lifting and CrossFit.

Moving back to England I am now heavily involved with CrossFit being a coach at CrossFit Poole along with looking to compete in bodybuilding and being a Bournemouth and Poole based personal trainer. With an on the go life style the MRP Shake is crucial for me to ensure I'm getting my calories that I need with the volume of training I do a day!”


We’ve nicknamed him “the Hybrid” simply because this athlete has such a versatile physique, he could compete in bodybuilding, crossfit, mens physique etc and would place well in all, it’s just a matter of time before he makes it to the top of which ever route he decides to go down.

James Dodds: Managing Director

I started my fitness journey as a young 14 year old wanting to get as big as possible, in amazement at guys like Ronnie coleman, jay cutler and many more. So naturally I invested my money in supplements, food etc anything that would get me closer to that goal. I’d try a new brand from my favourite online retail store each month, and most, to tell you the truth I was disappointed with. I didn’t know why, I then continued to compete in 6 natural bodybuilding shows, never placing below top 3 in any regional and placing in the top 6 at all my national appearances. I learnt very quickly the science behind building muscle both in the gym and in the kitchen. With this new found knowledge I then found that most of the UK supplement industry was filled with under-dosed, poor quality products. So then I created A-List Nutrition Ltd, we won’t have 100s of brands available to you, but you can be sure that the brands that we do stock are some of the best on the planet. It’s about time the consumer came first in this industry, instead of profit margins, we are going to achieve that.


I love pre workouts, so automatically I had to try Core Fury Extreme. There is no other product on the market like it, incredible endurance, strength and pump allowing any level of athlete to push past failure in the gym. Stack this product with ABC intra and PUMP pre and PBs will be BROKEN.