• | Carl Poxon

    Protein Guide - What is Protein Powder and How Much do I Need a Day?

    Protein powder is a staple of most athlete's diet. This highly versatile nutrient is essential for muscle growth, body fuel and many more functions. To get the most out of the protein you consume, learn more about eating the right amount for your goals and understand how protein fits in... View Post
  • | James Dodds

    Day 34 - 8 Week Transformation - Supplement Protocol

    Day 27 – 8 week Fat Loss Transformation: Supplement Protocol  What I've Taken Thus Far In This 8 Week Transformation.       Weight: 94kg Total Lost So Far: 8kg (New progress pics are on my @phatjimmydodds account on IG )       Okay here it is! Sorry this is very late so I do apologise but here it... View Post
  • | James Dodds

    Day 14 - Training Guide

    pproach To Training   Time Dieting: 14 Days Current Weight (fasted): 94.8kg Total Weight Loss So Far: 7.8kg     I LOVE Training. Out of everything that encompasses living a healthy lifestyle, training is my true passion, I love trying to push my strength as much as possible alongside just getti... View Post