Vegan Protein

We stock high-quality vegan protein powder to help all our customers meet their exercise goals. For those on a vegan diet, keep up your gains with products filled with complete proteins but free of animal products. Protein is one of the most common muscle building supplements in the UK and taking advantage of the naturally-occurring plant proteins is the best way for vegans to get all the benefits of amino acids without the need for products like whey protein.

Best vegan protein powders

We offer some of the best vegan protein powders in the UK from leading suppliers in the US, from brands such as Alani Nu, BPN and 1st Phorm, exclusively sold in the UK by A-List Nutrition. In addition to being vegan, many of our products are also gluten-free, soy-free and GMO-free to help you choose the best products to suit your dietary needs.


All our vegan protein powders are designed to be beneficial to you during exercise, recovery and for the everyday. The ingredients in the products stocked at A-List Nutrition are naturally derived and many use a combination of plant-based proteins to provide a complete protein profile that is especially beneficial for vegans who may not be getting every essential protein through their diet. Take a closer look at each of our products for more information on their contents and how these fit into your diet.

At A-List Nutrition, we aim to bring you the best vegan protein powders from US suppliers exclusively in the UK. We offer a range of plant-based proteins in a variety of flavours so no matter what your preferences, you can find a product that you’ll love taking as part of your fitness regime. We also pride ourselves on our great customer reviews which can be found below each product, so make sure to check these out to see what other vegan gym-goers have enjoyed.

Vegan protein powders provide a source of protein with which to supplement your diet to promote muscle growth. Proteins are amino acids that are necessary for cell repair and providing cells with energy. For this reason, protein supplements can be used before and after workouts to maintain a constant supply of amino acids to the muscles to speed up recovery after a particularly intense session. Plant-based proteins use a number of protein sources to provide all the essential amino acids the body needs to operate effectively.

Branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) are also common ingredients in plant-based protein supplements. BCAAs provide energy to the cells, promote cell development and have a number of other beneficial effects, such as improved protein synthesis. All these benefits help you to go further during each workout and enjoy the benefits of your work faster with less downtime.

These products are not intended to be used as a meal replacement, protein powders instead help you to vastly increase your lean protein intake through tasty smoothies and shakes.

Vegan proteins such as brown rice protein and pea protein isolate are used in supplements as they can promote strong, consistent muscle growth. These proteins are filled with strong amino acid profiles, including lysine which is an essential protein building block, which is vital for muscle repair.

Those who are looking to build muscle, whether through bodybuilding, endurance training or simply as part of an exercise routine, need to have a high protein intake and protein supplements can help provide that. Many of our vegan protein products provide a lean protein source, low in carbs and fats to help reduce bloating which can occur with some dairy-based protein products.

Because plant-based protein is derived from vegetable sources like peas and rice, there may be fewer calories and lower fat content than whey concentrate protein products. This may help you maintain a low-calorie diet while still benefiting from protein supplementation. However, supplements can only contribute to weight loss when used in combination with a calorie deficit diet and consistent exercise, so it’s important to understand that vegan protein will not automatically help you reach your weight loss goals.

Protein is essential during every step of the workout process. Branched Chain Amino Acids are typically used intra-workout to help kickstart muscle recovery and ensure your muscles have the energy they need. However, proteins play a role before, during and after working out so you can take protein supplements at any time and still feel the benefits. Try to plan out when vegan protein supplementation will benefit you most in line with your exercise schedule for the best results.

Vegan protein is an effective way for those following a vegan diet to still get a complete protein profile from their diet. Since protein is so essential to muscle building, this is useful for vegan bodybuilders and athletes. However, vegan protein powder could also be a useful way to supplement all the necessary proteins you need daily even if you aren’t exercising.

Both vegan protein powder and whey protein powder are used to increase the amount of protein in your diet to help you build muscle while also keeping carbs, saturates and fats down. Whey protein is an effective source as it is a by-product of cheese, making it inexpensive and readily available.

Some sources, like pea protein, are complete protein sources, meaning you can get all nine essential amino acids from it. Other vegan sources, such as brown rice protein, don't contain all nine amino acids. For this reason, whey protein can be more effective on its own for building muscle. However, products featuring brown rice protein often also contain a vegan protein blend of sources to create a complete protein.

In terms of health, vegan protein powders often draw from multiple sources and are not as refined as whey isolate protein, meaning they may contain more calories or fat, so it's important to consider this and check the nutritional panels of your chosen product carefully.

Vegan protein shakes offer a range of benefits for athletes during exercise and beyond. These vegan powders have a high protein content to help you build muscle faster and their variety of flavourings means you can look forward to making them part of your workout routine. Protein benefits all athletes, from strength trainers to swimmers to the average gym-goer so supplementing your protein intake will help you see results no matter how you train.