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Ambrosia Collective is the result of collaboration between Marc Lobliner, Mike Rashid and Sean Torbati, a group of experts in the fields of bodybuilding, athletics and nutrition. The range Ambrosia products sold on A-List Nutrition covers everything from protein and stimulating nootropics to superfood supplements and health-focused nutrition. When developing your ideal body, it’s vital to focus on the mental aspects just as much as the physical and Ambrosia products aim to do just that.

Ambrosia Collective is focused around the concept of ‘biohacking’. Biohacking follows the belief that we can get more from our minds and bodies with the right stimulation and nutrition. From nootropics aimed at stimulating mental cognition to ingredients that support the brain’s ability to retain memories, how we nourish our bodies has a significant effect on our brain and Ambrosia is dedicated to developing this connection and exploring the ways our brain contributes to our fitness journey.

Ambrosia products have been developed following extensive research and use a range of patented ingredients to provide solid results. The trio behind the brand have the experience to discover the best ingredients and know they’ll work in the real world. We invite our customers to review our products once they’ve used them to give you a better idea of how they work for real people. Check out these reviews for more information on what people have enjoyed about using Ambrosia products.

Mental performance is often underappreciated in bodybuilding and with Ambrosia’s focus on this side of health and fitness, they have allowed professional athletes and casual gym-goers to develop a more comprehensive workout regime that benefits every part of your body and brings you benefits inside and outside of the gym.