Fat Burning Supplements

While diet and exercise can do a great deal for weight management, athletes and those who do high-intensity workouts will know that sometimes more is needed to properly manage body fat. We sell top-quality fat loss supplements and fat burners from the US exclusively available in the EU at A-List Nutrition.

Our dietary supplements are created by the best manufacturers and are designed to bring down users' body fat percentage, helping you get your goal body from all your hard work. However, this means, while they have great fat-burning effects, they won't directly result in weight loss when used by athletes and gym-goers.

The best fat burning supplements for high-intensity workouts

Fat burners work by heightening your metabolic rate, meaning your body burns calories constantly. The process of burning calories is called thermogenesis and many products that burn fat are called thermogenic supplements. Thermogenesis helps you change your body composition by losing body fat but maintaining muscle mass. Fat burners also help increase calorie expenditure and reduce food cravings.

Forskolin - this plant extract has been linked to reduced body weight and is a common ingredient in weight loss supplements.

L-Carnitine - L-Carnitine helps the body burn fatty acids which reduces weight gain in those who are also following a strict diet and regularly doing high-intensity workouts. This chemical increases your metabolic rate, helping to increase fat burning in the body. This chemical may also help to reduce your risk of high blood pressure during intense exercise.

Caffeine - Caffeine has appetite-suppressing abilities and stimulates thermogenesis, making it common in fat burners, such as the ones in our range.
Green tea extract - Green tea extract also contains caffeine, as well as catechins, which have both been linked to increased thermogenic activity in your body's fat cells.

Premium fat loss supplements in the UK

Our fat burners are designed by exercise enthusiasts and expert formulators to give you the best results from your workouts. We ensure transparency from our brands by making the nutritional information for all our products available to view before you buy. Fat burners aren't intended to be used as standalone diet pills and should be used safely with proper nutrition and exercise to ensure you get all the related health benefits from high-intensity exercise.

We must stress, a calorie deficit is key to attaining your fat loss goals and fat burners are tools you can use to manipulate your diet to get you there. Fat burners encourage increased calorie expenditure through intense training, as well as aiding in reducing calorie consumption due to curbing food cravings.


While there is no food or ingredient guaranteed to reduce your body fat, the ingredients used in the fat burners sold on A-List Nutrition have been found to improve metabolism, stimulate thermogenesis and burn fatty acids, helping you reach your fat loss goals when used in conjunction with diet and exercise. Many of our fat burning supplements also include other ingredients to benefit your workout process, such as pre-workout ingredients like creatine and theacrine. Incorporating fat burners could provide thermogenic benefits and encourage heightened performance in the gym.

Caffeine is a highly common natural ingredient used in fat burning supplements. For this reason, many of the side effects observed from taking fat burners are similar to those experienced after consuming too much caffeine. These include:

  • Abdominal pain

  • Nausea

  • Anxiety

Generally, the ingredients in fat burners are safe for daily consumption but dosage requirements should be followed carefully to avoid any negative side effects. All products sold on A-List Nutrition include a detailed nutritional panel so check your chosen product carefully if you have any sensitivities.

The best fat burner for you will be dependent on your diet, exercise regime and individual weight loss goals. As mentioned, many of our products include stimulants like caffeine and common pre-workout ingredients like creatine. If you are looking for a product with more than one benefit during exercise, we also have a range of bodybuilding supplements from leading US brands. It’s important to remember that fat burning supplements are not diet pills so their effectiveness will also be dependent on your lifestyle.

Fat burners are intended to improve metabolism for those who are also exercising and managing their calorie intake. This means that they will not reduce muscle mass but instead burn fatty acids. If you are losing a lot of weight quickly while taking fat burners and exercising, you could be losing lean muscle mass and should review your exercise regime to prevent this.

The recommended times to take fat burning supplements are first thing in the morning before breakfast and before your workout. Your metabolism slows down while you sleep so taking a fat burner 30 minutes before eating in the morning gives your body time to wake up and your metabolism to kick in. Taking a fat burner 30 minutes before working out will also help to kickstart your body’s thermogenic process, allowing it to burn more fat as you exercise.

Which supplements you can take together will depend on the ingredients in each. As mentioned, caffeine is a common ingredient in fat burners but it is also commonly used as a stimulant in pre-workout products. When choosing your supplement regime, consider the ingredients in each product and make sure you aren’t taking too much of anything that could have a negative impact on your health.

A number of our fat burning products are also effective pre-workout supplements, so if you are concerned about combining products, check these out for an effective, multi-use product that can work with your goals.

For carefully selected complementary supplements, check out our supplement bundles.