Supplement Stacks

Supplement stacks are the combination of multiple supplements to provide optimum nutrition and achieve multiple goals more quickly. They are often devised by the brand and are intended to complement each other. You can devise your own stacks if you have product preferences, but we at A-List Nutrition stock a range of gym supplement bundles so you have a good idea of what products work together and to give you confidence that your supplement consumption is safe and targeted.

Gym supplement bundles will often contain a range of ingredients that are chosen especially to target different needs. For example, a supplement stack can include hydrolysed whey protein powder and BCAAs (Branched Chain Amino Acids) for post-workout use to replenish your energy levels and provide protein directly to your muscles for a speedy recovery.

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Protein stacks

Protein is one of the most important elements of bodybuilding as the body needs protein to properly recover and build muscle mass. Protein bundles ensure that you get all the essential amino acids your body needs to promote muscle growth. Whey protein is a basic workout supplement that every fitness fan will know and use and stacking these supps with other beneficial products, including pre-workout and intra-workout supplements, helps you create a complete fitness regime for more effective muscle gains.

Muscle building supplement bundles

Muscle building stacks are often used to improve anabolic performance, helping you generate lean mass faster through aiding workout performance and recovery. This can include stimulant pre-workout products that help energise your body and push yourself past your limits, combined with intra-workout products to encourage protein synthesis to recover while you work out.

L-citrulline is commonly included in pre-workout, as this allows your body to produce more nitric oxide and improve blood flow. This is used in muscle-building bundles because this allows the blood to carry more essential nutrients to your muscles to delay fatigue and improve recovery so you can push yourself harder during your workouts. Creatine is also often used as a way to stimulate your body and promote the production of ATP, a chemical essential for a number of important jobs in your cells but primarily as your body's currency for energy. This energy (ATP) can then be used to improve muscle power, endurance and various other attributes to improve your training.

Fat loss stacks

We also offer supplement bundles for fat loss which are used to promote lean muscle gain while keeping down your carb consumption. Fat burners are often used during cutting to keep your body fat low and your muscle mass high. During cutting, you'll want to avoid weight gainers, which is why our fat burning supplement stacks are designed to provide you with everything your body needs for a high-intensity workout without sacrificing your weight loss goals.


Supplement stacks help you reach certain fitness goals faster and are used to give your body more complete nutritional support than just using single supplements when you train. They are often a combination of pre- intra- and post-workout supplements to ensure your body is supported at each step of your session and to provide the variety of ingredients you need before and after an intense workout.

If you're shooting for a specific fitness goal, such as bulking, weight loss or muscle building, supplement bundles are specially combined products to get you to your goals faster than just taking them separately, with the added benefit that their complementary effects have already been planned out so you don't have to worry about taking too much of one ingredient.

Protein stacks feature either different types of protein to cover you throughout your fitness regime or combine protein with other supplements like glycogen for post-workout recovery. 

Workout stacks can also include stimulant-based and stimulant-free products, allowing you to cycle between products so your tolerance remains high and your body stays safe during your workouts.

The best supplement stacks will depend on your fitness goals. If you're looking for fat burners to increase muscle mass while maintaining weight loss, you might find a lean muscle stack that has testosterone boosters and stimulating pre-workout supplements is the most beneficial for you. If you need creatine, beta-alanine, glutamine and citrulline, you'll need a stack that includes pre-workout and intra-workout products to boost your performance and aid your recovery.

Bodybuilding stacks are also used for a variety of goals and the best bundle for you will depend on your aims. We have supplement stacks to suit you whether you're bulking or cutting, as well as bundles for pumps and speedy recovery. Check out each of our products to see how they fit with your goals before you buy.

You can stack BCAAs with creatine, as creatine is typically used in pre-workout products to boost energy while BCAAs are great for muscle recovery post-workout or intra workout. We have a number of stacks that include pre-workout and intra/post-workout products, so take a closer look to see if they match up with your goals.