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Premium electrolyte formula contains sodium, potassium, chloride and magnesium in a ratio for maximum fluid regulation to optimize your performance, and maintain appropriate levels of hydration.

Enhance Your Hydration, Performance & Daily Health

Replenish & Rehydrate

Electrolytes are essential for many functions in the body, but even more during workouts. We added a complete profile of electrolytes so you can maintain appropriate hydration levels to fight dehydration, optimize performance and improve your daily health goals. When you sweat you don't only lose fluids, you also lose electrolytes.

Avoid Dehydration Symptoms

Many people live in a constant state of dehydration, and we want to help you fix that! Dehydration symptoms often include fatigue, headaches, muscle cramps, constipation, reduced mental clarity and decreased athletic performance. You can avoid these symptoms by drinking more water with added electrolytes.

Sugar Free & Naturally Sweetened

Our electrolyte powder was formulated to be clean and simple. Nothing that you don't need, but everything that you do. This supplement does not contain any sugar, calories and is naturally sweetened and flavored.

Customer Reviews

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Rhys Thomas


Mike Peach
Best electrolyte ever had

I tried so many electrolytes but was yet to find one that tasted good and sat well in my stomach when exercising until I came across BPN. My go to , won’t use anything other now

Great taste

Great tasting electrolytes. Doing the trick for my running workouts. Great product!

Edward Helme
BPN electrolyte

The best favoured electrolyte i have found. I have this daily not just after any regular exercise. Keeps me hydrated

Sam Huggill
Great after running

I run (nearly) every day and I hadn't realised how dehydrated I was becoming. Taking electrolytes has aided my recovery and kept me feeling fresh throughout the day.