NEW A-List Elite Athlete: Conor Benn

You may have already guessed it or perhaps seen our logo on his apparel for his recent fight against Chris Algeri but the announcement has officially been made, Conor Benn is now a part of Team A-List.



Who Is Conor Benn?


Conor Benn is the current WBA Continental Welterweight British Boxer with a record of 20-0 and in our opinion the standout rising star in the Welterweight division. He is the son of the famous Nigel Benn who was a two-division world champion, giving Conor a very tall mantle to live up to but with his recent performances considered, there can be no shadow of a doubt that Conor is truly living up to the Benn name. To give you a bit more background on the man himself, he is a family man with a wife & son and has a roaring passion for health & fitness which comes as no surprise considering his line of work and current physical condition.



Why Conor Benn?


We have had our eye on Conor for some time through social media,  we loved his charisma, confidence and clear determination to reach the top. Incorporated into what we believe to be a “no stone unturned” attitude, if there’s a few percent that Conor can improve by and it’s within his control, he WILL take the opportunity to do so.


We love that attitude as that is what we strive for here at A-List, we’re always looking to improve on a daily basis whether it’s customer service, our product offering, social media content, promotions etc so seeing that attitude within Conor, we knew it was a trait we’d love in an athlete. Furthermore, after some time watching his socials and we reached out to his team, it was time to meet the man himself. We watched a media day with Conor & a few of his stable mates from Tony Simm’s gym and it was hard not to be impressed. His aura screamed professionalism with a touch of confidence due to his relentless work ethic, something that can only be earned as an athlete.


I asked Tony & Conor on the day “What is your most valuable asset as an athlete?” They both immediately replied “Dedication”. After they both said that and the previous knowledge we had built up, I had made up my mind, we signed the contracts. Dedication in my opinion is one of the key attributes to being successful in anything you do in life, that combined with Conor’s attitude, talent & team is a sure knockout combination in my eyes, so it was a no-brainer.






Conor’s Supplements


With Conor just joining the team it is too soon to tell you which are his favourite products as he hasn’t tried them all as of yet, however what we can say is he will only be using the INFORMED FOR SPORT products on  our site, he specifically likes Bare Performance Nutrition (BPN) at the moment! This comes as no surprise to us considering how their line is perfect for athletes.



We do know however, that Conor is incredibly passionate about supplements and loves their effect on the body when combined with proper nutrition. He knows that premium quality supplements can offer him the vital few percent benefit in terms of improvements to his muscular endurance, muscle power, mental focus and more! Not to mention help keep him in good health which is vital to ensure he has a long and prosperous career.  With that considered and his “no stone unturned” attitude that we discussed earlier in this article we’ll be working very closely with Conor to help him hunt down that World Title in 2022.




What Can you Expect From The Benn X A-List Partnership?


We will be working very closely with Conor to help maximise his performance for his upcoming fights, you can expect tonnes of content in regards to what he will be taking and why! As well as his reviews of the products and of course training footage etc to show you that the proof is in the pudding.





How To Follow His Journey With Us?


Make sure you follow both his social media platforms and ours to ensure you are kept up to date with all his latest content:


Conor’s Socials:


Instagram – connorbennofficial

Youtube – CBTV



A-List Nutrition Socials:


Instagram – alistnutrition

Facebook – alistnutrition

Youtube – alistnutrition


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