Breakout Product Of 2021 - 1st Phorm Collagen

1st Phorm Collagen launched not so long ago in 2021 and from there has just exploded on our site with rave reviews from so many of you and an abundance of flavours added to the line! It’s fair to say that many of you have already tried this product and absolutely love it but what makes it SO good? We’ll narrow that down for you in this review today:






  • Informed For Sport

Yes, both versions are banned substance tested.


  • Ingredients

What is in 1st Phorm COLLAGEN? First and foremost you have two types on the site, you have the natural version which is sweetened with Stevia and then you have the normal version which is sweetened with Sucralose, so you decide based on your requirements which is better for you! We love the sucralose version.


Now, the nutritional panel! You get a full 16.7g dose of Collagen per serving and also 50mg of the trademarked Dermaval. The 16.7g dose is comprised of hydrolysed bovine collagen, bovine bone broth collagen, fish collagen, chicken bone broth collagen and eggshell membrane collagen. We really like the fact you get such a diverse amount of sources in this collagen, this will give you various different amino acid profiles which can lead to better effects. All the collagen is also hydrolysed and low temperature processed meaning it’s of the best quality and hasn’t been denatured in the manufacturing processes again showing how premium the product is.


Then, the added Dermaval is included in this formula at it’s research verified dose of 50mg! Again no corners being cut by 1st Phorm. Dermaval is a phytonutrient rich complex that improves the elastin in your body which is primarily responsible for improving the firmness of your skin.


The only thing that we would like to have seen from the panel would be 20g of collagen per scoop, aside from that you can’t argue with the quality.  (A-List Verdict 9/10)



  • Effectiveness

We take 1st Phorm’s Collagen religiously here at HQ so we can give you a first had review on the effects! We typically use it in our morning coffee’s – (salted caramel is the current favourite). Ultimately we’ve seen better, skin, hair and nail quality from an aesthetics perspective and then in regards to our training, we have seen much better joint mobility! So our joints don’t just feel better but they also perform better, they “warm up” quicker than usual. It is definitely a product you need to take a while to notice the effects however they are very prominent when you do get them.  A-List Verdict 9/10


  • Taste

We are yet to try a 1st Phorm Collagen Flavour we do not like! As always, 1st Phorm nail their flavour profiles.  (A-List Verdict 9/10)


  • Mixability

Due to the collagen being hydrolysed, which is the purest form of collagen you can get from a manufacturing perspective, it mixes incredibly well! No lumps or clumps and you can tell that this will be the case from the visual look of the powder, it’s incredibly fine. The only thing we will say is that if you are mixing it in your morning coffee, make sure you stir it into the coffee as you poor it into your cup, otherwise it could clump due to the temperature.

(A-List Verdict 9/10)


  • Value

You get 30 full servings each coming out at 16.7g of collagen per scoop and 50mg of Dermaval – typically you do see 20g doses in products however that is normally only one source. The added value you get from the low temperature hydrolyse processing, diverse types of collagen and added Dermaval balances that out for us. (A-List Verdict 7/10)



  • Flavours Available (A-List Verdict 10/10 – We have never seen so many collagen flavours before!)



Fruity Cereal

French Vanilla

Salted Caramel




French Vanilla


Salted Caramel

Fruity Cereal

Peppermint Mocha


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