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Vegan Power Pro

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Vegan Power Pro is the best vegan protein powder out there for anyone wanting to boost their workouts and increase their strength as efficiently as possible. Vegan Power Pro relies on pea and rice proteins to give the body the nutrition it needs to help you power through your next session.

Our all-natural vegan protein is 100% Non-GMO and contains…

No Artificial flavours No Gluten                        

No Artificial sweeteners                                       No Animal products

No Artificial colours or dyes                                   No Dairy or Soy


Vegan Power Pro is a healthy, cruelty-free alternative to traditional protein supplements. As well as providing 19g of protein per dose, this powder also features a unique Superfood Complex, a Phytonutrient Blend, and a Digestive Enzyme Blend to enhance its health benefits. 


Vegan Power Pro is suitable for vegans who want an effective post-workout protein shake. It is also perfect for anyone who is searching for an extremely nutritious and natural supplement to aid their recovery. 


Vegan Power Pro is best consumed after a workout for rapid recovery. To get the most out of this powder, you should always follow the dosage descriptions exactly.

Customer Reviews

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Suzanne Harris

Tastes great!

Chloé Zueras
Very good

It taste amazing, I will recommend this a lot !

Must be just me?!

I had seen lots of hype around the Vegan Power Pro and how delicious it is so I thought I would give it a go. Had my first taste after blending with water and I thought this tasted disgusting. Nothing like the PhD plant protein powder which is incredible! Can not understand how this is considered tasty?!

Line Kristensen

Vegan Power Pro

Sean Melville
A list Nutrition, vegan power pro

I've always been into fitness, having started a new challenge I wanted to up my performance and protein in take. Being gluten and dairy intolerant, it's hard to find a good supplement, this is the best, great taste, easy on your stomach. Well worth it.