1st Phorm


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In this stack you will cover all your mandatory health markers with the following products:

- 1st Phorm Microfactor

- 1st Phorm OPTI-GREENS 50

- 1st Phorm OPTI-REDS 50 

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All coll

All cool guys, order was as i expected.
Delivery was quick and comfortable.
Excels one thing i wasn't quite happy about - you had this offer -buy any 2 1st Phorm products and get a t-shirt free. Yeah i got mine - thanks. It's just when i was ordering i thought that any two products get a t-shirt. So i bought like 6-7 products, but t-shirt was only one. Does seem that mean any two or more for a t-shirt? Or i should have bought all products separately by pairs to get my few t-shirts?
I bought them together also to become purchase of the day :)
Anyways guys, this was just the only confusion i got about this offer of 1st Phorm shirts. If you would explain me how this worked, I'd be satisfied i guess :)

Have a perfect day

Robertas Vaišnoras

Micro is fantastic, Opti Greens/Reds just don't taste great

Micro factor has been amazing so far. Not only panel wise being super comprehensive, but also great value. The Opti-Greens/Reds are also a super comprehensive panel and good value however they just don't taste nice at all. Absolutely fantastic if you can get past the taste and some people do like it but I'm not one of them. Currently I'm combining it with lemon juice and that helps the flavour by only being able to taste the lemon. Not a knock on 1st phorm at all, it's just not a taste I enjoy