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ADA-Load from US-made Steel Supplements is stocked by A-List Nutrition exclusively for the UK. This product is a strong and effective GDA (Glucose Disposal Agent), that can aid glucose uptake and absorption from the bloodstream and into the muscle tissue. 

This is important for muscle growth as high blood glucose levels can increase protein breakdown and reduce protein synthesis, building muscle more efficiently.

Steel Supplements ADA-Load is a high-powered, muscle-boosting product that provides the following: 

  • US-made dietary supplement exclusive to the UK
  • 120 capsules 
  • GDA supplement to increase muscle growth 
  • Additional ingredients for increase nutrient delivery
  • Next-day delivery (including Saturday delivery)
  • Up to 4 interest-free payments of £10.00 available (paid fortnightly) with Clearpay. 


An effective GDA can aid with muscle growth due to the high uptake of glucose that ADA-Load delivers. In addition to this, Steel ADA-Load also helps control insulin, which is the main component that moves glycogen from the bloodstream to your muscles.  

Combining this product with a high carbohydrate meal (such as chicken with potato or rice, cereal, fruit, granola, etc.) moves the glycogen to the muscle tissue easier rather than fat. ADA-Load can also help increase nutrient delivery.


One of the most outstanding features of this product is its flexibility for consumption, with few exceptions. This means that any male or female looking to increase muscle growth, nutrient delivery, or enhance their performance in the gym can try this product. So if you’re a gym-goer that’s looking to massively improve your workout performance, Steel Supplements ADA-Load can boost your performance.

PLEASE NOTE: Steel Supplements ADA-Load is not suitable for people under 18 years of age, pregnant or breastfeeding women.


The ideal method of consumption for ADA-Load is as follows: 

Take 2 capsules with meals that contain more than 60g of carbohydrates. 2 capsules equal to one serving. It is essential that consumers should not exceed more than 2 servings a day. It may be ideal to consume one serving during breakfast, and one serving during dinner for optimal glucose delivery.  

Steel Supplements ADA-Load can be consumed at any time of the day, as long as you do not exceed the appropriate servings per day.

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A-List Verdict

Our verdict for this supplement is that Steel Supplements ADA-Load is an incredible GDA that allows both consistent improvements for muscle growth and better performance for muscle pumping. This extremely strong GDA delivers an exceptional method for glucose nutrient delivery that allows users to increase muscle growth with ease. Available exclusively to the UK, this US-made supplement is a highly recommended product for gym-goers or for those wanting to increase muscle growth through exercise.


Customer Reviews

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Not that strong

I found this GDA to not be that strong for me; I found Core Load to be better. I've used the full two pills with 50g of carbs to 200g of carbs (These were slow GI carbs like oats and wheat). one serving in the morning with breakfast (oats) and one serving with a pre-workout meal (wheat) both around the 100g mark. Go Core Load instead in my opinion.