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Hard Extreme

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Your diet is impeccable and couldn’t be any more in check – macros, micros, you have it all down. Your workouts? Get out of here! You have slaved, grinded, and grunted your way through leg workouts so intense the gym staff cried – and those were on your worst days. And yet, something is missing.

It’s that “extra” level of shred, “that look.” You know exactly what we mean. That type of leanness and density that makes an arm look twice as big, a stomach look twice as lean, and a forearm look like a roadmap for the Italian countryside. It’s that kind of elusive hardness that’s so rare, most of us simply chalk it up to genetics, or luck, or steroids, or whatever excuse we have handy – and yet we all still want it.

The reality? It isn’t all that unattainable. Getting “that” look, “that” hardness, is about balance and recomposition. It’s a matter of adding in that final piece of the puzzle that makes the entire picture come out perfectly.

To be hard, you need to get HARD. It’s that simple.

Core HARD is another product in the Core Nutritionals’ lineup to follow the basic, but indispensable principles that Core Nutritionals is slowly making an industry standard: create products with effective ingredients, in effective doses, in a non-proprietary formula. This time around, we have applied those principles to the problem of softness that we all despise and have developed the most advanced ultra-hardening and recomposition agent on the market.

Taking advantage of both the old and the new, Core Nutritionals has employed both modern, cutting-edge compounds and traditional herbs to create a balanced approach to delivering hardness. Key ingredients in Core HARD affect some of the body’s critical physiological pathways, combining sexiness and science in a single, non-proprietary formula. We have included seven powerful ingredients into a full month's worth of stimulant free, recomposition goodness.

Customer Reviews

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Amazing for stress

I’ve monitored my sleep using a fitbit for a while now and I can tell you that after two weeks my sleep quality has increased a lot because of this supplement! That helps with recovery as well. Even though it is costly, it is the best supplement I’ve ever taken!

Paul OBrien
So far so good

2 weeks into using this, I take all 3 servings before bed. I like the way it helps me relax and unwind. Sleep has been improved since using this and I will continue to use it.


This product i's à very good surprise .
I take it on the evening it help me to sleep well & its s good + for loose weight

Great product

Second time I’ve bought this. Really puts me at ease. I’m using it as part of my daily routine. Can’t wait for it to come back in stock! Will stack it next time with shred

Stress reducer

This really helped my feel more at ease. I stacked this with core shred and it’s a great combo for fat loss