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  • £36.99 (Ex Vat)


- 20 servings

- 19, well dosed, fat burning ingredients

MELT is a fat loss aid that encompasses all aspects of what you look for in fat loss supplementation, of course you do still need to be in a calorie deficit however and train hard to see results! With this in mind, MELT contains all of the following: 

- nootropics

- electrolytes 

- anti-oestrogen/cortisol agents

- fat metabolisers 

- EFAs 

and much more! Giving you appetite control, increased energy, focus, hydration and enabling your body to handle the stress of fat loss. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Fruit Punch Melt

Worked fairly well as an appetite suppressant, good dosage of vitamins , minerals and mild energy / mood boost. Tasted great in Fruit punch without the expected ‘spiciness’ that generally accompanies capsicum fat-burners.

Sarah S
Blue Razz

Best fat burner out! Full of flavour which doesn’t have an artificial taste and no jitters after taking. Down 2lbs already after one week. Will be getting again

Natasha Burgess
Amazing feeling!

This product is just great.
Keeps me alert and tastes great too. I've stacked it with megawatt (grape)and it's just the best pre workout I've had with no crash. Plus the taste together is amazing!
Looking forward to trying the other flavour 🥰🥰