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50 Servings

In Focus Highlights:

  • Increased energy
  • Tunnel vision focus
  • Stimulant/nootropic formula
  • Thermogenic


FOCUS at times can be one of the hardest aspects of life to maintain, you may get distracted, you may procrastinate or you may simply not feel up for it that day....It's okay to feel that way, it happens to the best of us, but for those times that you do feel like that, BPN have created IN FOCUS so you can get back on track and stay FOCUSED on the task at hand! 

Formulated with some of the best nootropics on the market, IN FOCUS is designed to give you a euphoric sense of tunnel vision focus that enables you to take your work ethic up a notch. Whether it be in the gym, around the house or at work, IN FOCUS can help give you that push you've been searching for. 

Customer Reviews

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Awesome product, simply perfect for me

InFocus is an essential product in my opinion. Coupled with Strong Greens and StrongReds my working days are radically changed.
I was a bit doubtful before using it, but the effects were quickly felt. I don't feel like I'm bursting with energy like I would with an energy drink. It's just the feeling of being efficient without all the bad stuff of an energy drink.

No more lack of energy and productivity. Currently studying, my grades have increased significantly in the last semester, when I started using these products. Moreover, I don't have any stomach discomfort anymore, even though I drink a lot of coffee.
This trio is a must have in my opinion, even if I don't use InFocus every day, only on busy days....

No packet?

I stil have not reciewed my packed?


This has replaced coffee and on days I don't take it, I don't feel withdrawals. Magic!

Mental awesomeness

Great product to help me get through the post lunch energy dump at work. Blue snowcone tastes ridiculous and not loaded with caffeine which is a plus.

Laser Focus

Since starting uni work again from home its really difficult to concentrate for the prolonged periods of time. This supplement solves the issue- Im focused for hours