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Red, White and Boom Napalm Edition

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Key Facts: 

- Genuine TWO products in one

- Fat loss aid & pre-workout 

- Improve your performance, mental focus and your ability to burn fat all in one incredible product. 



We love the smell of Napalm in the morning. But not the flesh-melting, incinerate-everything kind. We like the delicious, so-good-it’ll-make-you-fist-fight-your-aunt kind. The targeted-lipolysis-and-energy-production-formula kind, stuffed into America’s-finest-pre-workout-powdered-juju-with-a-side-of-karate-chopping-you-in-the-neck kind. Red, White & BOOM Napalm Edition is like putting firecrackers, a fried turkey, a stereo system blasting the Star-Spangled Banner, reality TV, and a gallon of cola into a barrel and lighting it on fire. Yeah, it’s that good.


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Martin Mccann
Great taste and kick!

Great taste and with the usual boom kick! Took a little longer to start working for me than usual boom but great when it got going.

Good all round pre

I'm enjoying this preworkout, good energy, focus and pump, the thermogenic component is like nothing I've had before, especially after a little cardio warm up, the company's discription sums it up nicely :)

Andy Nyland

Dam, this pre is strong. No jitters or crash though. Especially good this time of year if your on a “cut”. Kind of addictive, I really look forward to taking this. Definitely gets you through a hot summer workout in the gym. I’ve checked the label, and the only thing missing, is the Betty Ford clinic phone number, I need more of this, will order a couple more tubs of this, before it goes awol 👍🏻😜💪🏼