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Intra-Formance *New Formula*

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Amino acid, carbohydrate and electrolyte blend.


Intra-Formance provides you with the nutrients your body needs during intense or endurance training preventing you from dropping into a catabolic state.

  • Increase endurance for training
  • Improve athletic performance
  • Maximise muscle energy & power
  • Restore electrolyte balance


Any healthy male or female who is wanting to improve their physical performance.

*Not intended for use by pregnant women, breastfeeding women or people under the age of 18.


Intra-Formance is to be taken during your training session. Mix 1 scoop in 8 ounces of water.

A-List Verdict

Comprehensive intra-workout formula for endurance based athletes.

Customer Reviews

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Melanie Kallen

Intra-Formance *New Formula*

Sarah S
What a difference!

Intra-Formance I tried on a whim and was surprised to see an immediate difference in how I felt and performed in my training. Unlike most beverages Intra-Formance does not feel uncomfortable to have consumed during training. I noticed I was less sore and less fatigued the following day.

Dani Sakala
Intra formance

Great taste and really nice for in between sessions to keep me energized! Definitely recommend!

Best product in the game

Great for hydration during longer session

Great for hydration

I found this intra workout really excelled in my morning fasted workouts. The hydration element of this preworkout is where it is really special - great for those early morning workouts when you haven't had a chance to smash enough water beforehand and are a bit dehydrated, or leg days when you know you're going to end up sweating a tonne.

It only has 2g of L-Citruline in it which means it stacks well with most pre workouts on the site and won't upset your stomach. The pump isn't too much either, so great if you enjoy really feeling a full contraction when training.

The orange flavour was decent - not too overwhelming although it does require a little bit of shaking because it clumps as soon as you add water.