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Steel ATP-FUSION is a pH neutral creatine.


Steel ATP-FUSION is an easy to digest pH neutral creatine, Kre-Alkalyn. It is used to increase lean muscle gain and performance in the gym.

  • Increases energy
  • Promotes strength gains
  • Faster recover time
  • Improves cognitive brain function


Steel ATP-FUSION is for any healthy male or female looking to improve lean muscle gains with no bloat or water retention. This product is well suited to people who struggle to digest Creatine Monohydrate.

*Not intended for pregnant women, breastfeeding women or people under the age of 18.


2 Capsules to be taken 30 minutes pre-workout and 2 to be taken post-workout.

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A-List Verdict

Steel ATP-FUSION is perfectly suited to those that struggle to digest creatine monohydrate as this has been synthesised to pH12. If you are looking for muscle strength, power and skin splitting pumps then you need to look no further. Not only that but it will help you with muscular endurance, recover and fat loss.