• Guts 'N Glory | Organ Defender
  • Guts 'N Glory | Organ Defender
  • Guts 'N Glory | Organ Defender
'Merica Labz

Guts 'N Glory | Organ Defender

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Merica Labz Guts 'N Glory | Organ Defender


'Merica Labz Guts 'N Glory is an everyday complete Health Supplement designed to improve human organ function.


Guts ’N Glory contains scientificaly validated ingredients in studied dosages. It can help regulate blood sugar and improve insulin sensitivity, improve liver health and function, improve heart health, bladder health, encourage healthy lung function and much more.

Guts ’N Glory will ensure that your body is working as robustas possible whilst keeping you healthy and able to train consistently without any interruption. Guts ’N Glory will also help any other nutrients or supplements you are taking to be consumed as efficiently as possible.


Any one looking to improve their overall organ health.


We recommend taking 1 scoop of Guts ’N Glory with your first meal in the morning, every day. However it is still effective if taken without food.


Ingredient Highlights

  • N-Acetyl L-Cysteine: Liver Protection
  • Red Yeast Rice Powder: Cholesterol Reduction
  • Hawthorne Berry: Blood Pressure Reduction
  • Milk Thistle: Liver Protection
  • Quercetin Anhydrous: Reduce Inflammation
  • Marigold Extract (Lutein): Eye Protection
  • Bacopa Monnieri: Brain Health and Anxiety Reduction
  • Saw Palmetto: Prostate Health
  • CoQ10: Antioxidant Support
  • Zeaxanthin: Eye Protection



    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Daily Defence

    Bought this to compare with Ambrosia (which was out of stock). Whilst there is certainly overlap in product actives, GnG also adds brain and eye support to give a more comprehensive product with slightly higher doses. Taste not quick on par with Ambrosia, but still enjoyable after the first 1 or 2 dosages. Would like to make staple, but more often out than in stock… come on.

    Great for overall health

    You get your daily protein. You take your vitamins and possibly performance compounds (creatine and all that)...but if you really want to cover all bases, this formula has lots of the good stuffs with proven effects on general health or more specific functions. Very similar to Ambrosia Nektar in that regards, with some overlap in ingredients and differences as well. As usual with 'Merica Labz, they don't skimp on the doses, and the taste is stellar (and strong so if you want something subdued make sure you use more water than mentioned).
    Some people will say this kind of supplements is when you want to go the extra mile. On the other hand, some will say it actually is the most important one. Either way, give it a try, the very least you risk is a tasty beverage with good stuff in it. Highly recommended as far as I'm concerned!


    Great health supp

    Great for your inside

    Great flavour and a mix of awesome ingredients for your organs. You need to give it a try!

    Give your insides some TLC !!

    Not only does Guts ‘N’ Glory taste amazing, the results of taking this amazing product, can be felt pretty much after about the third day. You start to feel better within yourself, and more calm. I can’t explain the calmness, but I know from the panel that my organs will be getting a much needed service. Awesome product!!