Core Nutritionals, ISO 1.4KG

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If the post-workout environment were a jungle, whey protein isolate (WPI) would be the lion – its king. Newer proteins enter into the market, receive fanfare and applause, and then inevitably fall out of favor. WPI, however, is the U.S. Dollar, Greenwich Mean Time, or Michael Jordan’s dunking prowess: it is the reference standard against which everything else is measured. The success or efficacy of all other proteins is gauged relative to what the one true king, WPI, has previously done.

So, given WPI’s long-standing Elvis status, there is simply no way it could be improved on. Right? Wrong. Amino-filled and/or spiked, low quality, low purity WPI formulas still run rampant on the market – robbing consumers of what they should be receiving, and exchanging the king for a jester.

That has never been Core’s approach, and it never will be. With Core ISO, we have developed the purest, highest-quality, least-adulterated WPI product on the market. We have taken the highest purity, non-instantiated, non-soy, non-GMO whey protein isolate available, and essentially added nothing to it: we have added no sugars, making it the perfect versatile protein; and we have added no artificial colors, meaning you can feel good about drinking it.

Did we mention we use natural flavoring? And Oh. My. Goodness, what flavoring it is! While the bitterness of WPI overcomes most brand’s offering, and results in a dull, palette-killing powder you need to choke down, Core ISO tastes like a gourmet pastry chef set up shop, on your tongue, and started making soufflés like nobody’s business.

Core ISO is, simply put, the pinnacle. Our protein’s quality and level of purity transcends it to the level of being a necessity; a part of your supplement and training setup that is simply assumed to be there, because it must be there. So, if you are already taking or planning to use protein, why not use the version of the standard that rises above the rest?

- 24g cold-processed microfiltered non-GMO whey protein isolate

- 110 calories per serving 

- Gluten free

- Lactose free

- No artificial flavours

- No artificial colours

- No sugars

- No Fillers 



Customer Reviews

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Best iso ever

I am lactose intolerant. Tried over 20 so called lactose free isolates. Is the only isolate which is real lactose free. I dont care about taste but p/mint chocolate and pbutter toffee are seriously amazing.
0 digestion issues is what core brought to the table and i aint never going back to another iso


I'd always hated Isolates until i tried this. Personally, I would only use an Iso when dieting. Completely agree it is great post workout. However, i enjoy a concentrate more.

Salted caramel

Overall this is a very good product. The salted caramel flavour isn’t salted whatsoever but then again, I didn’t expect it to be. However, the flavour was very strong even when diluted with 350ml of unsweetened almond milk- in fact, I would venture to say that ISO has the most concentrated flavour I’ve ever come across.The consistency is thinner than other products I’ve tried but not unpleasant. It does foam upon shaking which I really don’t like. In summary, it’s not perfect thus I can only give it 4 stars however, I am repurchasing it in a different flavour- which will be the first time I’ve ever repurchased a product- so take that as a huge compliment towards this product and company as a whole.