Core Nutritionals

Core Balls

  • £23.99 (Ex Vat)
  • Delicious Homemade, Whole Food Snack
  • 20-21 g protein per pouch
  • Gluten Free
  • Resealable Package


In a world filled with bars, have a BALL! Core BALLS offer a unique alternative to your typical functional snack. With a soft yet “crunchy” texture and made with real whole foods and Core Nutritionals® premium protein, Core BALLS provide the perfect balance of nutrition and amazing taste. Their on-the-go resealable packaging also makes Core BALLS a convenient, high-protein snack to fit any active lifestyle.

The functional food space has blown up as of late with new products being introduced almost daily. For Core Nutritionals’ first ever functional food, we wanted to create something uniquely different than what is typically found in the space. After almost a year of completely in-house R&D and testing, Core Nutritionals has put together a formula and product that is soon to be a regular on-the-go snack.

As with all of our products, we have a fully transparent label that allows you to know exactly what you are fueling your body with. One of the first things you will notice is that Core BALLS is made with minimal ingredients. We feel that great quality and taste can be achieved while still being minimal. Next, and one of the most unique qualities that sets our product apart, is we are using our own branded Core Nutritionals® Core PRO as the main ingredient in Core BALLS. We know our protein tastes amazing so we wanted to ball that flavor up (pun intended) into several enjoyable bites. Next, to bind this protein together and to provide low glycemic carbohydrate sources and healthy fats, we use natural sweeteners in the form of allulose and honey along with fats from cocoa butter.

Texture, next to taste, is one of the most important components. We didn’t want a texture that would break your teeth, make your jaw hurt, or crumble apart. Crunchiness is one of the most favorable textures out there, so we have included a crunchy component to our soft-baked texture that will leave you satisfied with every bite (again, pun intended). The room-temperature eating experience of Core BALLS is second to none! Finally, and adding to the texture, we have added specific components to complement our great tasting protein that will enhance the flavor of each bite. We have added things like natural peanut butter, chocolate chips, whole oats, raisins, and real fruity cereal pieces that you can see throughout each ball (depending on flavor).

This experience is going to be unlike any other. As you will see right away, Core BALLS comes in a resealable pouch. No more will you have to feel obligated to eat the whole snack all at once. Although, we wouldn’t be upset if you did. Maybe you just need a sweet bite to satisfy your taste buds after a savory meal. Maybe you need a snack that can help you get through a long schedule of meetings. Maybe you need something to bring to your sporting event to munch on in between games. Whatever your uses will be, we know you will enjoy this experience from the first bite to the last. HAVE A BALL! ™

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
So moorish

Initially i thought these were overpriced but they are so filling you only need a couple of the balls at a time. They are so good. Would definitely repurchase (tried peanut butter) as an occasional treat

A great concept, but bars are here to stay

This review is tricky for me. I’m a real fan of Core Nutritionals and use many of their products. I was expecting the Balls as a game changer, and it kind of fell short for me there. This is why I only gave 4 stars. Now, don’t get me wrong, Balls are GREAT! You have to try them. The macros are on point, and better than most Outright bars for example (better proteins to kcal ratio), and I say that as an Outright/MTS fan as well. I tried the PB and the cinnamon cookie one and they taste delicious. But the tastes were not game changing, and the only real shakeup Balls bring to the protein snack game is their format, allowing you to have a couple bite here and there, reseal the package, finish later etc. Which is harder with protein bars - sure you can eat half and fold the blister over or whatever but you get my groove. But again, in the end balls are no more than a protein bar split in chunks with a more convenient packaging. I suppose you could separate a sub-category of protein snacks only made with natural ingredients, which was championed by Outright bars prior (and if you include whey protein in the « natural ingredients » category), and Balls arguably take that crown. But to me, while they are the objective new king in the category and sit comfortably in my « to buy » list, they are not dominant enough that I will systematically buy Balls over Outright bars, and they don’t revolutionize the protein snack game overall. They simply bring an incremental innovation, and maybe that’s the only thing possible in this kind of products by now...

Healthy Snacks...In convenient Packs

When I received my box of Core balls, I wasted no time opening it, and sampling the contents. The taste, peanut butter chocolate crunch was amazing, the results are filling, and because there’s a resealable packet, you can eat them at your leisure... if you can resist. Can’t recommend this product highly enough 👍👍


Absolutely delicious and filling snack for work/outdoor/on-the-go/office.
Doug nailed all the flavours and the resealable pouch is genius.
Definitively ordering again!