• Night Owl® Blue Light Protection
  • Night Owl® Blue Light Protection

Night Owl® Blue Light Protection

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Our eyes are the starting point for the majority of the information we process. The sharper our vision, the better. The bright lights and beautiful images our eyes interpret are worth far more than a thousand words. But what if the same lights that fuel our minds with information are also simultaneously destroying our eyes and disrupting our ability to get deep, restful sleep? In today's world we are surrounded by blue light-emitting screens and displays. While they do less damage during the day, their effects are particularly damaging at night.

Ambrosia Night Owl is formulated as the first all-natural supplement to directly and meaningfully address the health of our eyes. Utilizing Lutemax 2020 as a natural blue light shield, and a precise clinical combination of Magtein Brain Magnesium and Suntheanine to optimize brain performance and recovery.

Ambrosia Night Owl is a must for anyone requiring the most from both their eyes and brain in this digital age.

Highlights of Ambrosia Night Owl:

  • Help Improve Eye Health
  • All Natural Ingredients
  • Helps Optimize Brain Performance
  • Optimize Brain Recovery
  • Perfect for The Age of Technology