• The Opti-Health Stack
  • The Opti-Health Stack
  • The Opti-Health Stack
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The Opti-Health Stack

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The Opti-Health stack consists of both Opti-Greens 50 and Opti-Reds 50. This comprehensive health stack will cover your day to day greens, fruits and digestive aid with over 100 micronutrients combined!


Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews

I’ve been taking greens and reds for two weeks now and the difference it has made to my bloating is unbelievable. I feel way more energised and less sluggish, I take them every night after my last meal.

Luke Alder

Great product

Emma Whiting
Great way to start your day

Love these reds and greens, they mix together and always make me feel like I'm starting the day with something. Good and know that if I struggle to get enough fruit and veg in I'm covered!

Melissa F.
Reds & Greens

Been taking reds and greens every day for a few months and I can really tell the difference they've made in digestion, bloating and general health. Like some others here I also mix collagen powder in with them for extra results. My biggest tip would be to use a handheld milk frother (you can get them for a pound from a certain swedish household store), it completely changes the experience of drinking them - at first I mixed with a spoon and hated it, with the frother (and ice cold water) its delicious and I genuinely look forward to drinking it. I can also tell the difference in my body if I accidentally miss a day - 100% recommend.

Joanne Christie
Game changer

Recently purchased reds and greens and all I can say is wow. Obsessed with them,first taste is a bit weird but then u get used to it and it really is tasty. Also mixed with the collagen, tastes delicious. Highly recommend.