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Alani Nu Pre-Workout is a high-powered stimulant-based workout supplement that can boost your performance, help you go for longer in the gym and keep you laser focused on your goals.

Alani Nu is developed with only the best ingredients and nothing you don’t need added so you can enjoy the boost in pumps without fearing the crash or discomfort. Alani Nu pre-workout is perfect for anybody looking for a blast of energy before every workout and added endurance to surpass your personal best in whatever you’re doing.

With 10 delicious flavours, including Hawaiian Shaved Ice, Carnival Candy Grape and Blueberry Acai, Alani Nu pre-workout has something for everyone and gives you loads of options so you never grow tired of the same old product.


Alani Nu pre-workout is taken to maximise your workout to its full capability. This formula is a balanced, no-nonsense, no filler supplement. 

1 scoop contains as much caffeine as 5 cups of coffee for an insane energy spike for all kinds of workout. Those not used to stimulant pre-workout may want to start off with a single scoop but seasoned athletes may want to go straight onto a full scoop.

Caffeine powers you through your workout while Beta-Alanine helps you build lean muscle so you’re always getting the best out of every workout. With added L-Theanine which helps prevent the dreaded post-workout crash!

A-List Nutrition customers love this pre-workout for its taste, variety of flavours and energy boost, so why not try it out for yourself!


Anybody wanting to maximise their workouts to their full capability with a delicious tasting pre-workout and without the risk of a dreaded crash.


Take 1 scoop of pre-workout with 6-8oz of water, 20-30 minutes prior to working out.



The taste of these pre-workouts is second to none! I use these prior to working out EVERY time as I love the effects that they provide me with. With the caffeine being slightly lower than most hardcore pre-workouts, this one stops me from crashing post-workout but and also keeps me focused throughout my entire workout as I'm not overstimulated to where I find it hard to focus. Definitely worth a try!


Abby, A-List Nutrition

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Love them

Best price for products in the uk

Awesome pre workout

Love this preworkout works amazingly well and tastes great!

Loving the tang ‘

Tastes amazing and I’ve not noticed any crash. I’ve a high tolerance to caffeine so straight on to full scoop but other may need to use less.

This stuff tastes great and is great!

Amazing, tastes awesome and works without making me crazy! Highly recommend :)

Alani Nu Pre Workout

I was disappointed the rainbow candy flavour was out of stock and still is out of stock as it is the flavour I wanted to try the most. However, I ordered pink guava and it does not disappoint! Gives plenty of energy for a workout and assists in focus. Taste is good, tart but not overly sweet. It definitely does give the tingles after 10 minutes or so. Excited to try out more flavours.