Everything you need to know about Mega Pre RED

By James Dodds, Managing Director, A-List Nutrition Ltd


You’ve heard of MEGA PRE WHITE and MEGA PRE BLACK, well now there is MEGA PRE RED! Why you might ask? In short, it’s a perfect hybrid between the two. Both MEGA PRE’s have really set themselves apart in their respective non-stimulant and high stimulant pre-workout categories but what if you wanted something a little more versatile? Giving you the best of both worlds, in comes MEGA PRE RED.
First of all, lets go over the ins and outs of a pre-workout, what should you expect from your staple pre? Really, we all look for the following: increased mental focus, energy, performance and of course pumps just in different severities which is typically catered to our personal preferences . So let’s see what’s in store for you in those categories in this all new, MEGA PRE RED.

Mental Focus:
- 2000mg Choline Bitartrate
- 100mcg Toothed Clubmoss (Huperzine A 1%)
- 400mg Alpha GPC

- 350mg Caffeine Anhydrous
- 68mg Caffeine Infinergy

- 3200mg Beta Alinine
- 3000mg Betaine Anhydrous
- 2000mg Taurine

- 6000mg L-Citrulline

As you can see from the categories above you can tell that the main focus for MEGA PRE RED is mental focus and performance. A pre-workout that won’t necessarily blow you away like MEGA PRE BLACK but will provide you with crazy mental focus and extensive performance capabilities. The performance blend will essentially increase endurance, strength, hydration and muscle contractions leading to superior results in the gym.

Moving onto the Energy blend, very simple really, both a medium and slow release form of caffeine has been used, as previously mentioned MEGA PRE BLACK is what you should be looking at in terms of a high-stim product, this isn’t that. You should expect nothing mind blowing energy wise but energy that will last the entire workout and will leave you with no crash.

Then finally, the pump blend, well “ingredient” as you can see this isn’t a major focus for MEGA PRE RED but 6000mg of L-Citrulline will certainly still give you a decent pump, we would advise stacking this with VASOGORGE BLACK if you’re looking to maximise pumps and vasodilation alongside it.

All in all guys, this is a very well dosed pre workout that mainly focuses on notropics (mental focus ingredients) and an comprehensive performance blend that will certainly work wonders for you in the gym. So if you are in the market for a pre-workout that isn’t too strong but gets you dialled in and ready to perform at your best, MEGA PRE RED is for you.

Available in 3 different flavours (Gummy Bear, Strawberry Pineapple and Smashberry)….We have been told are simply mind blowing! Supposedly their nicest tasting products of their line, make sure you find out by pre-ordering yours now.

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