Pyretic Black Vs Pyretic White- The difference between the two and a full ingredient break down.

By James Dodds

With the recent addition of Pyretic Black and the new, improved Pyretic White from our good friends at Primeval Labs, we thought we would explain the difference to you as well as how both of them can improve your fat loss journey in their own respective way.

Pyretic White

Pyretic White is a very comprehensive, non-stimulant fat loss aid, perfect for those that are looking for some improved fat loss benefits but are wary of the implications that too many stimulants can cause. How does it do this? Lets dive into the supplement panel and take a look!

(3 cap serving) – 30 per bottle
Recommended use: Upon waking or pre-workout

1000mg Choline Bitartrate
For many of you this will be a very good start in this panel, at the clinical dose above, Choline bitartrate is a superb nootropic that can massively improve mental focus upon use. It is the backbone of acetylcholine a neurotransmitter that plays a key role in learning, memory and muscle contraction.

300mg KSM-66 Ashwagandha
As we all know, being in a calorie deficit is a stressful process, however this in itself can be counter intuitive towards achieving your fat loss goals. Stress increases the stress hormone in your body, Cortisol, low levels of cortisol can be good but when risen, cortisol can leave you feeling groggy, tired and hold water more than usual. Thus negatively impacting your performance in the gym and day to day life as well as not showing your physiques true potential by holding more water. KSM-66 not only reduces cortisol but also oestrogen to ensure you are able to deal with stress optimally throughout a dieting phase. At 300mg this is halve clinical dose but that is so you are able to stack this with Primeval’s hormone solution product, Neanderthal, which also contains 750mg! If reducing cortisol is something you are serious about, Pyretic white and Neanderthal would be a great stack for a dieting phase.

300 mg Gymnema Sylvestre
Throughout a dieting phase, carbohydrates will be scarce, therefore when you do get them maximising their benefits in terms of glycogen uptake is imperative. Doing this will not only improve your performance in the gym but also give you a better ability to partition food and give you a much fuller looking physique. Gymnema Sylvestre improves insulin sensitivity as well as improving blood glucose metabolism ensuring that the carbs you do get in a deficit do not go to waste!

125mg Coleus Forskohlii (10% Forskolin)
Arguably one of the best fat loss ingredients around, Forskolin promotes fat loss by
increasing cAMP (cyclic Adenosine Monophosphate) levels in your body. Activation of cAMP acts as a catalyst for Lypolysis which is the breakdown of fat stores in your body, exactly what you’re after! As well as this though, it also limits fat oxidization, so in a sense, reduces the amount of body fat you are able to put on. We must stress however, this is no magic ingredient! You will still need to work hard in the gym, have a solid nutrition plan and sleep well, nothing substitutes hard work.

125mg Innoslim
This awesome new ingredient supports weight loss by reducing blood glucose and fat accumulation. It does this by inhibiting a particular transporter in the body called SGLT1 which decreases absorption of glucose in the intestine.

40mg GBB
GBB is a precursor L-Carnitine noted to increase the production of L-Carnitine far greater than regular supplemented L-Carnitine.

25mg Grains of Paradise Extract (Paradoxine)
A pungent spice that has solidified its name in the fat loss industry. It has done this by its ability to increase energy expenditure and mobilize fat from brown adipose tissue which will overall help to increase fat loss through an increased thermogenic effect!

Overall, Pyretic White is a superb alternative for those of you that are not wanting to take in stimulants but also want to get the advantages of a fat loss aid. We also really like how the product looks at various aspects of fat loss rather than the stereotypical thermogenic effects, with this product you will for sure see a knock on to various other factors in your diet.


Pyretic Black

Now on the other end of the spectrum, you have Pyretic Black, a similar product in many respects however with a far stronger stimulant profile that need that kick before their fasted AM cardio for example! Again, lets take a look:


500mg Green Tea Extract
This comes at no surprise as many of you will know the strong antioxidant properties of green tea as well as the pleasant energy boost you get alongside it can have some positive effects on fat loss. What you may not know however, is that the 50% standardized extract used in Pyretic Black (EGCG) has the potential to elicit these effects both during exercise AND in a resting state.

300mg Gymnema Sylvestre Extract
There is an overlap here with Pyretic White which is great as the effects will only amplify with the doubled dosage (see paragraph on page 1).

200mg Olive Leaf Extract (6%)
Again a very powerful anti-oxidant that also shows promise to be a good anti-inflammatory however there is more as this key ingredient has studies to suggest that it also offers protection against LDL (bad cholesterol) and supports thyroid function. Both of which are key for a healthy metabolism.

200mg L-Theanine
A fantastic ingredient that regularly passed the blood-brain barrier to create a calming, controlled yet heightened productivity effect which is then amplified in the presence of caffeine.

200mg Rhodiola
An adaptogenic herb that not only decreases cortisol levels but also combats mental fatigue. This is particularly effective in a caloric deficit as cortisol levels have risen and so having the negative implications stated above on page 1. This is definitely something to avoid in a calorie deficit and so fantastic to have in a fat loss aid.

200mg Di- caffeine Malate
The sister to caffeine, di-caffeine malate is the slower release version that lasts longer throughout the day which is perfect for a fat loss stage as the more energy you have the better due to decreased calories. This is a large dose so should have quite a profound effect!

100mg Teacrine
Another slow release stimulant that will react very similarly to the above caffeine malate however your tolerance to it will not build up as quickly.

100mg Caffeine
One of the most used stimulants in our industry, caffeine is a great tool to increase, focus, energy and exercise performance.

100mg Cayenne pepper extract
Cayenne pepper is packed with capsaicin, a compound that has been shown to decrease appetite and increase satiety as well as increase thermogenesis. This combination of effects, screams fat loss, it’ll not only help you reduce calorie intake but also encourage further calorie expenditure manifesting into a fiery fat loss combination.

40 mg Grains of Paradise (Paradoxine)
As mentioned above with Pyretic White, this ingredient is a fantastic thermogenic.

Overall, the effects of both products will be extremely effective in terms of fat loss however the main difference being of course one has stimulants and the other doesn’t. Apart from that there is very little overlap between the two products, therefore you could stack these together! You can shop the stack here!

It would work extremely well in the following manner:

Morning: 3 caps Pyretic Black
Night : 3 caps Pyretic White

This way your sleep will not be negatively effected but you are still getting clinical doses across the board giving you an optimal fat loss environment.

Fantastic job from our friends at Primeval Labs once again!

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