An insight into 1st Phorm's Foundation Series

By James Dodds, Managing Director, A-List Nutrition Ltd

Since the arrival of 1 st Phorm there has been many of you that have be astounded by their quality assurance which is evident from their manufacturing processes all the way to the effects of the product themselves. Such quality stands for their entire line, including their Foundation Series.

What is their Foundation Series? The Foundation Series is a set of supplements that should set the base for your supplement arsenal, catering to various different needs from overall health, organ aid, immune support, digestive support and many more. The first addition from this series to our site was Microfactor, a convenient nutrient pack for your daily micronutrients, after you guys LOVED this product so much we just had to expand the series.

So now we are proud to bring you the following additions:
- Liver Detox
- Liposomal Vitamin C
- Liposomal Vitamin D3
- Harmony
- Eye Care
- Probiotic

Girls, we know it’s tough when your hormones fluctuate on your monthly cycles, your skin deteriates, energy drops and your overall mood can just plummet through no fault of your own! Which quite often has you reaching for that bar of chocolate instead of staying on track and hitting the gym.

1st Phorm gets it and that’s why they created Harmony to balance your hormones and put them in an optimal state to not only ensure you perform better both in and out of the gym but so you have a better quality of life. Using patented ingredients like KSM-66, SerinAid etc at clinical doses, Harmony is able to reduce oestrogen and cortisol levels safely, which quite often spikes around that time of the month.

Therefore, Harmony will not only improve your mood and athletic performance but also improves your skin complexion, weight loss and even your sleep. Just because it’s “that time of the month” doesn’t mean you can’t crush your goals, 1st Phorm have you covered with Harmony.

Liver Detox:

With our bodies being exposed to more toxins than ever before from the likes of
environmental factors and alcohol etc it’s more important than ever to ensure your liver is thoroughly looked after as it’s main purpose is to cleanse those toxins from our bodies.

Liver Detox is superbly dosed with clinically proven ingredients to not only aid in liver function but also prevent liver damage ensuring you are keeping your hard working detoxification system in tip top shape.

Eye Care:
As we all know our eyes take a beating over your lifetime and that’s getting more and more
aggressive as technology advances, subjecting our eyes to further damage from various blue light sources which in return damages our retinas.
Blue light is emitted from any screen whether it be on your phone, computer, tv or hand held device and so in this day and age it is more important than ever to look after your eyes. 1st Phorm have created EYE CARE to do just that. Comprised of scientifically proven ingredients to deter the effects of blue light and protect your eyes for years to come. 

All of these awesome new products and more are now available on our site, make sure you go and check them out as for September 2019 only buy 2+ 1 st Phorm products and get their Generation 1P Premium T-shirt (Army Green) FREE!

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