Ambrosia, Ritual PM - What is it all about?

By James Dodds, Managing Director, A-List Nutrition Ltd



The Return Of AMBROSIA To The UK…

The long awaited return of Ambrosia Neutracuticals is finally over! Many of your returning favourites are back like Nektar, Ritual AM, Planta, Overtraining solution and many more. In this article however, we’d like to discuss the NEW products Ambrosia have brought to the market and how exactly they can benefit you, perhaps more importantly WHY Ambrosia have created them.


Ambrosia – Ritual PM

A lot of you already LOVE Ritual AM, your morning biohacking theorem, but what about in the evening or before bed? As we all know, getting good quality sleep (REM) is incredibly important to not only ensure you are alert doing daily tasks but also for your general health and well being as many vital bodily functions are processed during a deep sleep. Ritual PM can help you achieve just that, with various natural ingredients that won’t leave you feeling groggy and sedated but instead will ensure long term, effective sleep patterns.

Here’s how:

- Magnesium Glycinate (1000mg)

Magnesium Glycinate is used for many reasons in Ritual PM, mainly due to its validated effects of calming both your mind and your muscles post consumption. It also is a vital nutrient to ensure proper growth and maintenance of bones is upheld, something the body primarily does whilst your asleep. At 1000mg this is a tremendous dose that will certainly provide the results described above, recommended dose of Magnesium for most adults is

around 400mg.

- Affron® Saffron Extract (28mg)

Affron® is a next-generation saffron extract standardized to Lepticrosalides® which are analyzed by HPLC (High-Performance Liquid Chromatography) for the very highest standard of purity assessment. Through this vigorous quality control that you get from the Affron trademark it is able to elicit improved mood and sleep quality! Showing significant results in clinical trials (To view data:

The difference being between a standard saffron extract and Affron is the Lepticrosalides® which is the primary bioactive component, using this ingredient at 28mg per day will enhance mood and sleep quality dramatically as per the data above.

- Sensoril® Ashwaganda - 125mg

Sensoril is a clinically trialed form of Ashwaganda that is naturally produced without chemical solvents and contains a superior profile of bioactive withanolide glycosides as a result. This then equates to better uplifts in mood, reduced feeling of stress and improved sleep.

- Nobiletin Citrus Fruit - 25mg

Due to Nobiletin being a good anti-oxidant and having anti-inflammatory effects it has been proven to improve insulin sensitivity as well as Circadian Rhythm when implemented pre bed. Your circadian rhythm is basically a 24-hour internal clock that is running in the background of your brain and cycles between sleepiness and alertness at regular intervals.

Essentially, it is the period of which your brain is alert and then sends signals for you to go to sleep. Getting particularly tired at work? Improving your circadian rhythm can certainly help that.

All in all, Ritual PM will enable you to get to sleep faster, have a deeper REM sleep and as a result enable you to wake up feeling refreshed, ready to attack your day. Ritual PM is perfect for anyone that needs to optimise their sleep or improve their sleep to give them a better quality of life. One of the many reasons as to why we love Ambrosia as a brand, they not only care about how you perform, they simple just care about YOU, full stop.

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