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Time release, extremely high quality protein.


Time release protein from premuim sources, like 1st Phorm Level 1, can elongate anabolism! The state at which your body is able to build lean muscle tissue and synthesise new protein to enable your body to recover from gruelling train sessions. 


Any healthy male or female that is looking to curve their cravings, increase their protein intake daily, improve their recovery and of course grow lean muscle tissue. 1st Phorm also recommend you take Level 1 as a high protein meal replacement shake to potentially aid in weight loss. 

*Not intended for use by pregnant women, breast feeding women, peoples under the age of 18.


Any time throughout the day where you may not be having another high protein meal for a while.


*Not intended for use by pregnant women, breast feeding women, peoples under the age of 18.


Our opinion is that LEVEL1 is a super high quality, delicious time release protein shake that is an easy solution to increase your daily protein intake with no bloat, digestive issues or unnecessary flatulence. 

1st Phorm LEVEL 1 science

  • Best Tasting Meal Replacement Protein

  • Low-Temperature Processed

  • Ultra High Bioavailability

  • No Bloat, Gas, Burps, or Upset Stomach

  • Micellar Casein (slow release)

  • Whey Protein Isolate (fast release)

  • Whey Protein Concentrate (medium release)




Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews

I took a long break from protein powders, after trying a bunch of different brands in the past that didn’t work well with my digestion. After hearing all the hype about 1stphorm on social media, fellow powerlifters & weightlifters. I decided to give It a try and I’m so happy I did!! Its super tasty! Love the Caramel Latte flavour. I mix the powder with (70% )brewed coffee & (30%) milk, if you want to make it more fancy just add whipped cream on top! Delicious Protein packed treat :D

Best protein I've tried

I LOVE how silky & smooth this protein is. I find it easy to digest and have no stomach pain or digestive issues afterwards. I mix a scoop into my oats each morning for breakfast, and often have a scoop mixed with water or oat/cashew/almond milk in the evening after my workout to hit protein goals. I have tried many flavours - Blueberry Muffin (great in blueberry oats or as protein pancakes), Ice Cream Sandwich (my personal favourite with small chocolate bits in it - have had 3 containers so far), Cinnamon Cookie Batter (DELICIOUS and smells just like a snickerdoodle cookie for any americans out there), and Caramel Latte (popular flavour but not my personal favourite). My boyfriend loves them as well - although warning that they are very SWEET compared to other powders. If you like that, then I recommend it to everyone.

Love it!

Only ever order from A-list nutrition and 1st Phorm! By far my fav!! Love level 1..amazing taste and really quick delivery!

Pumpkin Spice Latte

Forgot to add - the PSL is delicious! I've never had a PSL from starbucks so I wasn't sure what to expect but it's delicious on it's own, in coffee and in pumpkin banana bread (find the recipe on the 1st Phorm blog!) It's only available for a few months a year and sells out straight away on here so I'd definitely recommend grabbing it while you can and trying to ration yourself..!

Great mixability

I've tried cinnamon cookie batter and ice cream sandwich and both taste great - ice cream sandwich is also delicious mixed into your morning coffee instead of milk for an extra protein hit! You can obviously find cheaper protein powders than 1st Phorm, but as soon as you try it you'll understand why this is a more premium product - I couldnt believe how fine and silky the powder was and now will never go back to cheaper brands!