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Here at A-List we are more than just a supplement store, we are a community, and what better way to show it than celebrating the achievements of our customers!


On the 18th of September 2022 one of our customers Jamie took on the humongous challenge of completing his first ever Ironman, finishing the event in an outstanding time of 6hrs and 10 minutes!


Jamie has also created a vlog on YouTube which he has gone over what he has done to prepare, starting from a few days out from the event. Jamie goes over his pre-race nutrition and what supplements he will be taking throughout to get the most out of his performance. We asked Jamie to summarise how he felt the event went, the ups and downs and his overall feeling after completing such a gruelling event, this is what he had to say:


“Feet are in tatters.


I was always on the chubbier side as a kid and loved my sport, but it seemed I loved my food a bit more. I was also the last picked in PE, and last in the sports day race. None of that mattered to me because as long as I was having fun, I was a winner. I got quite good at locking out the laughs and the comments about my ‘manboobs’ or ‘love handles’. As a kid/teenager this can really stunt your self-esteem and have an everlasting effect on you as an adult. I did not and would not ever let that reach me on the inside. I used it as fuel. 


I’ve been training every day since January 4th, using the training peaks premium app. £15 per month. Investing in the correct healthy nutrition to get me over that line. Using A-List nutrition as my go-to website for sourcing the correct nutrition. I found mixing the nutrition sources helped me find the best blend for race day. 

I work a full office 9-6 job so fitting in training around work, family and friends’ time is hard. I was waking up at 5:00am/5:30 am/6:30 am depending on the training day. Cycling to work and back (26miles a day) 5 days a week. On top of the bike runs and swimming. The hardest part of the training I found was the brick sessions those were killer. But crucial in building that resilience to change from bike to run to swim to bike to run again. It was great though; I could eat whatever I wanted! 


Race-day: Waking up at 4 am eating couscous and beetroot. (Couscous fast-digesting carbs and beetroot increase the amount of nitrate in your blood, which kills the methaemoglobin in your blood and allows your blood to carry more oxygen).  Then sucking down a load of BPN G1M Sport along with that. To get those carbs topped up. I won’t forget the many nervous toilet trips before the race started. Waiting on the Weymouth beachfront at 6am with no shoes on (big mistake) standing on those stones with no shoes at 4/5 degrees is not fun (for an hr)!!! My feet were pierced. Got into the sea at 7:30 am and smashed the swim out in a PB time of 43 mins (1.8km) best I’ve ever swum and the sea was like being in the Mediterranean, although that might’ve been the adrenaline talking. Charging from the seafront 200m to the bike transition tent where my gear was waiting for me. Soaking wet I slipped straight out of my swimsuit into my cycling gear. Ironman doesn’t allow any nudity on the course at any time so you have to get creative. I had my tri suit and running gear on underneath my wetsuit so the transition was quick and easy. Whacked my cleats on and like a tightly packed sausage, I trotted out of the transition tent to the bike. I clipped in and pressed start in my Garmin. Settled in the saddle and got comfy as I knew this was it for the next 3 and a bit hour. I found this event teaches you to get comfy in uncomfortable situations. This can be applied in many different parts of life. The bike was sore but once again beat my goal time and got back to transition after 3hrs and 17 mins (goal was 3:30hrs). leapt off the bike and landed into my running shoes (Hoka Mach 4) they’re brilliant and got running. 1hr 40 mins later I hear the words “Jamie you are an Ironman!” if only the kids at school could see me now. 


It's an experience I would about recommend to anyone, I for one will never forget my first ironman event. After all, anything is possible.”


As you will see, this is not for the feint hearted and you will need to but the work in to see the results as Jamie did. We couldn’t be prouder of Jamie and this massive accomplishment and we can’t begin to imagine how he is feeling in himself.


The link to Jamie’s vlog is here:


Go show him some love and congratulate! You can also catch up with on Instagram @_Jamiemichael_.


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