Episode 7 | March 22nd 2020

In this weeks episode of The A-List Report James discusses the latest news here at A-List and upcoming supplements for the month.

COVID-19 UPDATE Here at A-List we are still operating as normal, next day, standard and international deliveries are still available. The only obstacles we are facing would be restocks as we are unsure at to what direction freight will be going. We would recommend you act fast and get your supplements in because once they are gone, we are unsure when we will be able to get them back in!

1ST PHORM OFFER: 2:20 Whilst stock last, we are running a 1st Phorm deal where with every purchase of Level-1 by 1st Phorm you will receive a FREE 1st Phorm t-shirt! the 1st Phorm clothing is very impressive. The fit, feel and durability of their clothing is to the highest standard (like their supplements) and look amazing.

BACK IN STOCK: 5:06 Back in stock here at A-List we have a full restock across all flavours of Phormula-1 by 1st Phorm. This is their whey hydrolysate, the perfect protein for your post-workout shake. Coming in 10 different flavours, this protein is easy to digest, cross flow micro filtered and of the highest quality. We also have Level-1 by 1st Phorm which is their delicious whey concentrate which comes in 10 different flavours. This protein is ideal to have any time of the day. The favourite Opti-Greens 50 is back which is a vital supplement to include your stacks at this point in time. Your health is your wealth and Opti-Greens with provide you 50 different vegetables in one serving to help boost your immunity and improve digestion. Cutler Nutrition is making a return in all flavours across Prevail, Amplify, Total ISO and Generate!

NEW IN STOCK 9:24 New products we have this month is a new flavour of 1st Phorm Level-1 in Blueberry Muffin and Formula-1 in Magical Charms. We also have the all new Sour Series Generate by Cutler Nutrition. Jay Culter does not mess around when it comes to flavouring his products and the all new Generate in Sour Rainbow Candy is no exception. Also from Cutler Nutrition, Total ISO Cocoa Cereal. If you are someone that loves your cereal flavoured protein powders then this is one for you.

COMING SOON 11:36 Coming soon to A-List Nutrition is the highly anticipated NO7 by Steel Supplements. This is one we are VERY excited about. NO7 is a pump product in capsule form and will take your pumps to a whole new level. If you are looking to becoming a veiny monster in the gym then NO7 will deliver. By the end of the month we will have Core Nutritionals INTRA. This is a product we have worked very closely with Core and it is nearly here!

APRIL LAUNCHES 16:59 We will be seeing a lot more from Core Nutritionals in April as they start to roll out their re-brand. We will see an all now Core PRO in both 5lb tubs and 2lb tubs! Core PUMP which is work beautifully with the new Core FURY.