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PRO 2lbs

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  • Sustained release of recovery and growth agents
  • Digestive enzyme blend supports healthy carbohydrate and fat breakdown
  • Designed to maximise your protein needs any time of the day

Core Pro proteins have a robust and complete amino acid profile that has been shown in research to increase lean muscle impact – while our flavouring tastes like a cheat! The blend of whey concentrate, whey isolate, and milk protein isolate delivers smooth texture, fast and slow-digesting proteins, and a complete amino acid profile that suits your needs.

Customer Reviews

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Stephen M.

Always a great service from A-List Nutrition. I ordered this at night and it arrived within 36 hours.

Product tastes great with just water and not digestion issues. Greta product from a great company!

Hannah m.

The core nutritional range of protein is incredible!! Firstly it’s cold processed so doesn’t upset my stomach. Secondly the flavours are soooo freakin good. I first got the peanut butter cups one which is a nice flavour and works well in. Baked oats, shakes, on cereal. I then got a few more. The death by chocolate tastes like the thick gooey chocolate cake from pizza express so win win. I make pancakes with it, stir it in to yogurt but my fave thing to do is a protein mug cake. The vanilla cupcake tastes like the Betty Crocker buttercream icing. I stir it in to yogurt and it’s like cake batter - YUM.
Next was blueberry muffin which hands down tastes like a Starbucks blueberry muffin. I put extra blueberries in it and make pancakes. - another win.
Then cookies and cream tastes just like Oreos in milk and has crunchy biscuit bits in it too. These shakes have been a life saver on prep stopping me reaching for food I can’t have. They definitely satisfy my sweet tooth. 10/10
100% recommend

Hannah m.

I was looking for a protein that is cold processed and east to digest. This didn’t disappoint! It blends well quickly, it tastes unreal - in baked oats, blended with strawberries it’s like a PB and J or stirred into yoghurt it’s like a pudding. I’ve ordered another 4 flavours from can’t wait to try. This stuff is legit! Highly recommend

Stephen W.

Very tasty & will be ordering more blueberry flavour again..

Alex Schmidt
Core Pro

Great taste and nutritional panel