Product Spotlight - Cutler Nutrition | PREVAIL

On Episode 15 of Product Spotlight, James discusses Cutler Nutrition Prevail. Find out why this product may suit you if you are looking to for maximum focus and tunnel vision during your workouts!

Cutler Nutrition is the supplement line by 4x Mr Olympia, Jay Cutler. Prevail is the stimulant pre-workout from the line and is not your typical high stimulations pre-workout. This pre-workout will provide you with incredible amounts of mental focus to really get you dialled in during your whole workout. Not only that, it is also one of the best tasting pre-workouts you can get!


L-CITRULLINE (4,000mg) Provides you with excellent nitric oxide production and a really good pump but not too much that it makes it difficult to perform exercises e.g squats.

TAURINE (2,000mg) This is a really important ingredient as it covers a number of different things. It aids in hydration and muscular contractions while improving your mental focus.

N-ACETYL-L-TYROSINE (750mg) This ingredient is a nootropic and will provide you with more mental focus.

ALPHA-GPC 50% (750mg) This is another ingredient that targets mental focus. A dose of 750mg is not commonly seen in many pre-workouts

CAFFEINE ANHYDROUS (250mg) This is a stimulant but not a huge dose. This pre-workout will not blow your head off and cause you to have a massive come down after your workout.

DICAFFEINE MALATE (150mg) This is a slower form of caffeine meaning it will keep you energised throughout the entire of your workout and also means you do not feel a crash after your workout.

NEUROFACTOR™ (100mg) This is a trademarked plant extract and is another nootropic boosting your mental focus even more. This comes in at 100mg which is a clinical dose.

THEOBROMINE 99% (60mg) This ingredient synergistically works with caffeine in the body meaning the effects are much stronger in terms of muscular endurance and the length of time it takes for the effects to ware off.

L-THEANINE (50mg) This is similar to to Theobromine as it works with the caffeine to boost the effects. Not only that but it will also boost the effects of the nootropics.

COCOA SEED EXTRACT (20mg) This ingredient is very good for improving you body composition and improving your mental focus.

HUPERZINE-A 1% (500mcg) Lastly we have a massive dose of Huperzine-A. This is 5 times the amount we have seen in your other pre-workouts. This ingredient is another nootropic that works hand in hand with Neurofactor™ to amplify these effects.


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