Top 5 Christmas Gift Ideas!

Top 5 Christmas Gifts For Your Loved One This Year! 


We know what you’re thinking, supplements for Christmas? Isn’t that a bit boring? Well of course we don’t think so as we’re supplement mad and if you or a loved one buys from us, they probably don’t think so either so here are some top 5 gifts for your neighbourhood supplement addict: 



It’s very easy and most importantly SAFE. Your loved one can spend the gift card as they wish on our site for anything within the spend limit, whether that’s apparel, supplements, gym accessories etc. That’s why this is our top present idea, you just can’t go wrong if you know they order from our site. 



We have some great apparel on our site from a host of different brands but we would have to say the brand with the most variety would have to be BPN! They do t-shirts, hoodies, hats and more. Outside of BPN we also stock TMJ apparel which has everything from male to female pieces. 



Being our top selling product category, it’s a safe bet that if your loved one has been shopping with us they have bought a greens product in their time. For the most part, they don’t come in different flavours and will more likely be something that they include in their day to day life so they will appreciate it if you buy them a months worth (1 tub). 



Now this is starting to get a little difficult as there are soooo many flavours for Whey Protein on our site across multiple brands. What we will say though for Whey protein is if you can find out what flavour they like, it makes selection a lot easier! Type of protein wise, you can’t go wrong with a whey concentrate because it so universal, can be used for cooking, drinking and can be used anytime of the day. 



Now, there is a reason that this type is last on our list! You need to know exactly what they want which is quite hard for the most part as you don’t want to give the game away that that’s what you will be getting them for Christmas! Try and find out what their favourite flavours are and what they’re trying to do with their training, nutrition etc then talk to us and we’ll help where we can. 


We hope this guide helps and if you need any further info, please do reach out to us and we’ll help wherever possible, Merry Christmas! 


Team A-List

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