Truly, We Really Appreciate You. 






Every year we approach Black Friday and every year we look at it as such a mammoth task which takes quite literally almost a year to prepare for! In short, as a business it’s very intimidating sometimes…HOWEVER we always do it as a way to give back to our following and customer base to say THANK YOU for the incredible support you give us. 


If you managed to see what we were offering for Black Friday this year it quite literally was the biggest sale we have EVER done, a lot of companies claim that but sometimes don’t really put on that large of a sale….We did. 


At this point our neck was on the chopping block and awaited the launch of Black Friday to which it most certainly didn’t disappoint. We crushed all previous records and most importantly we got some awesome feedback from you guys on how much you loved our deal this year. 


What’s the point of this blog? I guess it’s a way to show you how much goes into Black Friday from a business perspective and how much we truly appreciate all your support. Without your orders, without your likes, comments, follows and other forms of support you give us on a daily basis, there would be no A-List Nutrition. It’s as simple as that. 


So THANK YOU, because of you we are able to do what we love every single day which is to source and provide the UK & EU with the best nutritional supplements from around the world. 2022 was quite a challenging year and 2023 doesn’t look like it will be easy either BUT we have so many incredible plans up our sleeve, new brands, new products, apparel improved internal systems for better customer experiences and much more! We can’t wait to show you what’s to come but for now THANK YOU and Merry Christmas! 



Kind regards, 


James Dodds

Managing Director 

A-List Nutrition Ltd

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