OPTI-GREENS 50 Vs OPTI-REDS 50, What’s the difference and why should you take them?

By James Dodds, Managing Director, A-List Nutrition Ltd

Since 1st Phorm exploded onto the EU supplement scene no more than a month ago, consumers like yourself have been frantically trying to get their hands on OPTI-GREENS 50 which then turned out to be the fastest selling product on our site of all time… So we sold out, but now it’s returned…

This time however, it’s double trouble as 1st Phorm have just released it’s sibling, OPTI-REDS 50 which we of course HAD to import straight away. Throughout this article, I aim to bring to light the key highlights of each product, explain why & how they could benefit you and also focus on the differences between the two.

1st Phorm, OPTI-GREENS 50

OPTI-GREENS 50 will be our main focus point to start with as it’s been on our site the longest and I’m sure has a lot of you scratching your head. Not from the perspective of what the product actually is, but rather, “how has a GREENS product become our fastest selling SKU thus far?!” It’s a warranted question, however I was expecting this to happen ever since my team and I were lucky enough to try it some 6 months ago.

This greens powder is no ordinary product for this category, comprised of 50 hand chosen, organic ingredients that have all been carefully grown in the USA, so from a raw ingredients standpoint you know you’re covered. Then we focus on the manufacturing process and as many 1st Phorm fans know they are world renowned for this with their level 3 SQF quality assurance facility (simply the best you can get, no question). It comes as no surprise then that these greens are low temperature processed, ensuring that there is no denaturing of any ingredients in the manufacturing process.

What does this then mean for you? Superior quality ingredients that will do exactly what they’re advertised to do with optimal bioavailability, what does that mean? Your body is actually able to utilise these key ingredients and digest them effectively rather than excreting as waste like the majority of other products. As a result, the ingredients remain a remarkable blend of 100% organic grasses, non-GMO, non-synthetic botanical superfoods, phytonutrients, digestive enzymes and probiotics. To be honest, this is very evident when you first open the product itself, it smells very earthy and natural so you know the ingredients in this product are what they’re meant to be.

So what will OPTI-GREENS 50 do for you based off the above? The green superfood complex in it holds 8 organic grasses and greens that yields not only a tremendous amount of vitamins and minerals but also cleanses your blood due to the high amounts of chlorophyll as well as achieving a balanced PH in your gut. Therefore, you’ll not only achieve healthier blood but also less uncomfortable stomach issues like bloat, flatulence etc. From there the Phytonutrient complex contains 50 carotenoids and bioflavonoids which are powerful anti-oxidants that essentially protect your body from free radicals! This complex also contains Curcumin which is derived from the organic turmeric. The curcumin also has a strong anti-inflammatory effect that consequentially results in a reduction of joint pain as well as many other inflammatory issues.

Then finally you have both the Plant Enzyme blend and the Glycaemic balance blend. Both these blends together essentially enable you to have a healthy digestive tract encouraging regular bowel movements. As well as this, due to the greater amount of food being absorbed, this then means more of the food can be utilised in an efficient way throughout your body, Carbohydrates for examples, because of the Glycaemic balance blend your body is then able to store more carbohydrates providing your body with more natural energy in the form of muscle stored Glycogen. This is what quite regularly gives consumers that have taken OPTI-GREENS before, that noticeable spurt of energy as your body is able to tap into it’s own energy sources more efficiently rather than storing it as fat.

1st Phorm, OPTI- REDS 50

Now, for the new kid on the block, OPTI—REDS 50. Recapping back to GREENS, it essentially covers everything you need in terms of green vegetables, digestive aid and much more, REDS is the flip side of this where by it covers all your fruits. Typically fabled as the “holy grail” of health by the majority of our parents Fruits and Greens have now never been so easy to get in at a comprehensive, effective dose.

So based off the above, you guessed it, REDS contains 50 hand-selected fruits and herbs that is intended to elicit a powerful anti-oxidant effect. This is to fight off free radicals, boost your metabolism at a cellular level and optimise nitric oxide production through your blood. This will in return increase nutrient delivery so you’ll be able to increase performance in the gym, recover faster and have a better sense of wellbeing.

The compounds that make up the colours in these fruits and vegetables, such as
Anthocyanins in red, purple and blue fruits and vegetables, Carotenoids in orange and yellow, and Polyphenols in white give your body a broad spectrum of different antioxidants to help fight free radicals and oxidative stress. Helping you improve your immune system and reduce the amount of time you’re off sick so you can keep concentrating on crushing your goals both in and out of the gym.

Inflammation is also reduced dramatically because of the various ingredients in REDS which will make weight loss a lot easier! This increases healthy cellular activity which produces an increase in overall metabolism and calorie expenditure (to a certain degree). This is also how REDS can also boost your energy after use, much like GREENS but via a different pathway.

Comparing the two and do you need BOTH?

There you have it, 50 essential greens (and more) on one side and 50 essential fruits (and more) on the other. So, you’re probably now thinking do you need both? The answer is it entirely depends on YOU and your diet, ask yourself which do you struggle getting a large amount of in on a daily basis. Me, personally I know I am terrible at getting in ALL my fruits and greens, so for me, they are thoroughly needed, however you may be different to myself and you may reach your daily intake to warrant all the health factors labelled above.

I would also make the decision based off how you FEEL on a daily basis, are you bloated?
Are you frequently getting colds?

Digestion not as good?

Signs of high blood pressure?

All these things and more can point at the fact you’re not getting in key micronutrients in your diet. OPTI-GREENS 50 and OPTI-REDS 50 are there to solve this issue for you, to make it a little more cost effective for you guys, we have added the OPTI-HEALTH stack which has a small saving for you to take advantage of if you want to play it safe.

Thank you for reading this and if you managed to get all the way to the end, I will hopefully be writing more articles like this based off your feedback, so please do let me know in the comments section as to whether or not you found this content useful, thank you.

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