As many of you may know, we split our website last year between our UK customer base and our EU customer base to resolve the issues that surrounded BREXIT. Over the past year we have faced several staffing issues at our EU warehouse which has made both the service and stock rotation very difficult to manage.


As a result, we have temporarily decided to shut down our EU warehouse & website until we can improve the service we are able to offer. During this time however, we have created an alternative solution for everyone in Europe which will give you the following benefits:



  • 10 working day delivery (worst case scenario all across EU, some countries are sooner)
  • No import taxes
  • No customs refusals or delays
  • Full access to our entire product line



 So no longer will you NOT have access to our entire product and the only drawback will be a few extra days for delivery! We are able to provide this due to several new transportation systems that we now have in place as well as paying for the import taxes ourselves for your order!


This new shipping service will be LIVE on our UK site for you to use from the 23rd November onwards and it is called:


A-List EU



Simply select “A-List EU” shipping at checkout for all of the above specified shipping benefits.


Thank you all very much for your patience, enjoy the new shipping method!

Team A-List

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