February Specials!

February Special – Share The LOVE!
Everyone knows that February is the month of LOVE,  so this month we are going to be SHARING THE LOVE! For the entirety of this month you can get DOUBLE REWARDS points which will equate to huge savings the more points you accumulate.
Normal Systen: £1 spend = 1 loyalty point
February Special: £1 spend = 2 loyalty points
Here are also some other ways you can get even more points on our site:
Share on Facebook
100 Points
Like on Facebook
100 Points
Signup To Our Newsletter
200 Points
Follow on Instagram
100 Points
Write a review
20 Points
Not only that but for this month we are running a Refer A Friend promotion, where if you refer a friend to our site, you receive £10 off your next order PER FRIEND you successfully refer, so if you refer 10 individual friends and they all purchase on our site, you receive £100 off your next order. Further details can be found by logging into your account! (You must be an existing customer to qualify for this).
Along with the above expect a tonne of restocks across our site this month so stay tuned for further updates!


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