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UK - Price Structure


As many of you may have noticed, prices appear to be “cheaper” on our site however that is only due to the tax structure we are using. Taxes are applied at checkout instead of already being included in the product, therefore there is ultimately no price change, if anything, some products are now slightly cheaper: 



BPN Strong Greens (Old Structure)    - £39.99 Including £8 VAT  - Total Paid £39.99 (+Shipping)

BPN Strong Greens (New Structure)  - £31.99 + 20% VAT            - Total Paid £38.40 (+Shipping)





EU - Price Structure, Customs Clearance & Shipping 


  • Price Structure

The new pricing structure has primarily been implemented for the benefit of EU customers, this now takes away the VAT charge for EU customers both in the product itself and at checkout. This is because of the UK leaving the EU and therefore VAT is no longer applicable within in the UK, however VAT is still applicable in the EU so any EU consumers will have to pay import tax upon arrival of their parcel into their country. This import tax will vary from country to country so we advise you check your governing bodies website for exact details on import charges. 

We realise this is a price increase for those of you that love to shop at our store in EU and that’s why we are now providing FREE Shipping over certain spends (country dependant), see below for further details: 



EU Free Shipping Guide: 

















  • Customs Clearance


Due to Brexit, customs clearance has become more stringent in the EU therefore we’d advise all EU customers check that the products they order is compliant with their countries laws. This will lead to quicker customs clearance, failure to do so may result in your product not being able to enter your country. In the scenario just described you will be due a full refund once we have proof of the product being declined by customs and the product back in our warehouse in original dispatch condition. 


Due to the extra customs clearance measures this can mean that EU orders currently take longer to get to you, however this will improve over time as processing improves within the EU. Once your order has passed through customs clearance, your courier will then contact you to pay your import taxes, once you do this your order will be delivered. Import taxes are your responsibility to pay, we take no responsibility for extra charges that may incur whilst going through the customs clearance process. 





  • Shipping 



Shipping within the EU is our normal prompt service through either Royal Mail or Parcel force however customs clearance may delay your parcel from getting to you quicker than it should. Unfortunately this is unavoidable and we just ask for your patience at this time whilst EU customs clearance becomes a smoother process.  

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