Day 34 - 8 Week Transformation - Supplement Protocol

Day 27 – 8 week Fat Loss Transformation: Supplement Protocol

 What I've Taken Thus Far In This 8 Week Transformation.




Weight: 94kg

Total Lost So Far: 8kg

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Okay here it is! Sorry this is very late so I do apologise but here it is, what you have been waiting for….My supplement protocol. By this point I hope you have got the picture, before even thinking about supplements, you need to make sure your nutrition, training & sleep are taken care of, then you can fill in the gaps with your supplements. So if you haven’t done that yet but need a good place to start, read my past two blogs to see exactly how I’m approaching mine, it won’t be PERFECT for you specifically but it’s a good place to start if you need some help.























These supplements are all addressing my day to day needs from health, performance and recovery perspectives! However I will be adding more recovery based supplements into this protocol as my calories decrease and my recovery no doubt suffers. My biggest & best advice for you when deciding your own supplement stack is treat supplements as just that….Supplements.


They are NOT a magic solution for you to reach your goals tomorrow, they will quicken the process though and they will make the process easier when selected correctly for your goals.



My Approach To Recovery/Fat Loss Supplements:


This seems to be the topic I see being confused more often now than ever before, people are looking for the strongest product for both recovery purposes and even more so, Fat loss. People want results NOW, they don’t want to have to wait and so they ask for the STRONGEST product because they assume that will get them quicker results. This is actually quite true, it will get you quick results HOWEVER it most cases, those results wo.


If you are just looking for the strongest supplement out there, more often than not even if you manage to obtain it, you’ll most likely be taking it TOO EARLY in your fat loss stage. This goes for both the recovery process as well, I tend to use the “weaker products” first and use the “stronger products later down the line, basically  to reserve them for when I need them.


For example, using the strongest fat burner straight away will give you more often than not, more stimulants per serving! This will make you feel great initially but after using such stimulants for a month or so you and your carbohydrates continuing to decrease during a calorie deficit, your energy levels will quickly plateau if not decrease which will force you to look for EVEN MORE stimulants due to you already taking a “STRONG” fat loss aid. This is a very unhealthy situation to be in and will result in you burning out your adrenal glands and feeling evening worse. My advice would be to start with the lower stim fat loss tools first when your energy is quite high and then proceed to use stronger fat loss tools when your energy drops later on in the diet and you need more energy.


If you have any further questions on this topic feel free to reach out to me via Instagram via my instragram handle below:





Thank you very much for reading and supporting this blog! I hope you found it useful.

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