BPN 10 Year Anniversary

BPN – 10 Year Anniversary Sale
As many of you will know, BPN is a great partner of ours and we thought it would only be right if we gave you, their UK & EU fans, the same opportunity that their USA fans have to take advantage of their anniversary sale.
So for 24 hours ONLY , get 15% off BPN only (no code required)
But you will be able to get your hands on their 10 year anniversary exclusive whey protein flavour, birthday cake! Limited quantities are available and once they are gone, they are gone for good!
Their birthday cake whey is ALREADY in our warehouse and is ready to launch, it WILL NOT be on pre-order.
Our BPN sale and birthday cake whey protein launch will be going LIVE Monday 15th at midnight.
Have a wonderful rest of your day,
Team A-List

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