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Better known as BPN, this brand has taken over the US over the last few years with their innovative products, flavourings and social media king and owner Nick Bare. For us to go over all of their amazing products and why you should use them, it would take hundreds of blog posts! So, for today, we will stick to their Whey Protein.




Coming in strong with 11 flavours to choose from (2 being limited edition). BPN do not fall short at offering you a wide range of flavours to choose from. With each flavour being as amazing as the next, you really are spoiled for choice.


BPN Whey uses a blend of 88% fast-acting whey protein and 12% slow-digesting casein protein. This means that your body will be able to utilize the amino acids within the product slower and throughout the day. Along with the product supporting improved muscle recovery and muscle protein synthesis, you have the perfect product which will keep you full and necessary to build lean muscle.


One of the main pros for this product is the mixability, this protein practically dissolves in water! We always tend to follow the suggested water/milk recommendation and it is spot on. The consistency is smooth and a delight to drink.


BPN Whey comes in a 27 serving tub with scoops size averaging between 33g-34g per serving. The macros are 130-155 calories, 25g of protein, 2-3 grams of fat and 3-4g of carbohydrates. This will all depend on the flavour you are choosing; all panels are on our site for you to pick the most suitable flavour for you!




What sets BPN Whey apart from the rest is the fact that every batch is Informed Sport tried and tested. For those who don’t know, Informed Sports is a globally recognised testing and supplement certification programme which provides all athletes amateur to professional the knowledge that the supplements they are taking have been tested for prohibited/banned substances which could affect their career.


Not only will they check for prohibited/banned substances, they make sure that each product that they test is manufactured to the highest quality and they let nothing slip through the cracks! They will test each batch of products which BPN sends them and even after certification, Informed Sports will continually blind test for further safety of the product.


Once a batch has been tested and certified, the batch number will be put on BPN’s page along with the test date and expiration date. You will be able to match up the products you purchase with the Informed Sport site by the LOT number at the bottom of each tub. This will show you that this batch has been tested and certified. Check out the page here:


This doesn’t just happen for their Whey Protein, every BPN product is Informed Sport and go through the same testing, you will be able to see the Informed Sport logo on each BPN tub that you purchase.




We can honestly say that all flavours of BPN whey are fantastic, but we all have our favourites.. This is what a few of the A-List team had to say:


James Dodds – “My favourite flavour of BPN Whey is Fruity Cereal, I'm a sucker for fruity pebbles cereal in the US, you can't really get it over here so any protein that can nail that flavour, I'm all over! The only problem is that most companies I've tried in the past end up being disappointing, not BPN Whey, they really nailed the fruity pebble flavour. Must try if you are a cereal fan!”


Joe Breddy – “BPN Whey Protein Vanilla. This is not your basic Vanilla protein. It isn't too sweet, creamy and tastes what I imagine a cloud would taste of. The type of person that drinks BPN Whey Protein Vanilla can run 100 miles in 10 minutes whilst juggling 5 bowling balls with their eyes closed. Rumour has it that this flavour has been blessed by Nick Bare himself.”


Reece Taylor – “Being a huge cinnamon fan, I must say my favourite flavour of BPN Whey is Cinnamon Roll. This truly tastes like a cinnamon roll and really brings a whole new meaning to the word flavour! Drinking it on its own or even mixing it in with pancakes, you really are spoiled for choice on how you want to use the powder, next level from BPN!”


Don’t just take our word for it, here’s what our customers had to say about the product:


Srdjan Svrdlan – “Excellent experience!

I recently ordered two whey protein from A-List nutrition and I must say I really loved how quickly it was shipped and the products arrived.

I’ll certainly continue making new orders as soon as I make a significant dent in my current supply :)”


David Ngochinya – “Best Protein powder I've ever tried

I cannot fault BPN whey protein. It is without a doubt the best whey protein (and probably overall protein) I've ever come across, and I have tried a lot. The flavours are immaculate, taste great and aren't too sweet or synthetic tasting. The mixability is unrivalled, no lumps and turns into a smooth milkshake like consistency. And the fact it’s a blend of both whey and casein is just another added bonus. Try it.”


Josh Garside – “Great Product

Hey Guys, This product is phenomenal it’s really up'd my breakfast game making insanely healthy and great pancakes with this vanilla protein probably the best I have tried so far and I believe I will become a loyal customer from here on in. Keep up the good work and I look forward to any future products.”


You can check out the product and even more amazing reviews here!


Hopefully this blog has opened your eyes to the standard which BPN set in each of their products! If you have any further questions please contact us, or leave a comment below, we would love to hear from you!


Have a great day!


Team A-List

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