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Product Review: Arms Race Nutrition NITE NITE


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Many of you have asked for a product review of ARMS RACE NUTRITION NITE NITE, so here at A-List we listened to you and obliged! Don’t want to read this Blog? That’s fine we totally get it, click here to watch our Youtube video.



OVERVIEW:    So first of all, why would you want to take a sleep aid? In this case it’s pretty self-explanatory…. You want to sleep better BUT how well do you ACTUALLY sleep? You know those ultra-deep, restful sleeps where you don’t get up in the middle of night to go to the toilet and just wake up feeling amazing, well that’s called a REM (Rapid Eye Movement) state sleep. This is the pinnacle of good sleep and where you want to be most of the time, however if you honestly ask yourself the last time you had a GOOD sleep, it’s likely not recently. Arms Race Nutrition NITE NITE is designed to put you in a REM sleep more often, therefore you could argue that we could all benefit from NITE NITE as when we are in a REM sleep, that is when our body recovers and carries out bodily functions the most! What does that mean from a practical sense? It means your recovery from your gruelling training sessions will improve (as along as your nutrition is on point) and therefore get you to your fitness goals quicker.




FORMULA:    Now we’ve discussed the product overview, lets discuss the formula! It is RAMMED with awesome ingredients designed to keep you calm & relaxed pre-bed. Certainly one of the most comprehensive sleep aid formula’s we have ever seen containing many trademarked ingredients which come at a higher cost to Arms Race however we certainly appreciate the higher quality those ingredients deliver. For a further breakdown watch our Youtube Video here.




SERVING SIZE:   20 servings per container does not sound like a lot, however you will max take this 5 times per week, thus delivering you a full month’s worth and at 10g per scoop it really is packed out for a sleep aid formula.




TASTE:   We have to be honest, the taste is terrible! You do have to get this down quickly, do not have it in a large amount of water, you will regret it. Very herbally due to the active ingredients and bitter as well but just mix it in a small amount of water. The effects is what you are taking this product for, NOT the flavour.



EFFECTS:  This is the strongest, legal sleep aid you can get on the market in the UK & EU right now. Very potent indeed, puts you to sleep nicely without you feeling like you’ve been hit by a tranquiliser dart (some do, it’s not nice!), sleep is deep and definitely consist too, doesn’t just happen on the initial time taking it. You wake up feeling refreshed with no drowsiness either which sets you up for the day really well.





PRICE: It is very expensive at £2.70 per serving HOWEVER you get what you pay for. It does exactly what it says on the bottle. This product screams QUALITY so it’s a personal decision on whether or not good sleep is important to you or not.




We hope you have enjoyed this review! Drop a comment down below if you have any feedback on the product, we’d love to know your thoughts. Don’t forget to go follow all our socials for more content like this coming out very soon! Have a great day.


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