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Protein Bars a great go to snack when you are on the move, at work, addition to a meal or to curve the craving for a chocolate bar. We believe that we have some of the best tasting bars on the market and they are all available to you, our customers!


With a quick hit of protein these bars will help get you to your goals, while also providing a great flavour, they will make you think you are having a chocolate bar!


BPN Field Bar


The history of the field bar is very unique and was created by Nick Bare himself during his time in the US Army. He named the bar after the term ‘The Field’ which is used to describe where training took place by military units. Nick would actually make his own bars and pack them to take with him so that he was always energized and could perform at his highest level.


Made with only the best simple ingredients, the Field Bar comes in 4 delicious flavours which cover both whey protein and plant based. Check out the Whey Protein flavours here and the Plant Based flavours here.


Made with only whole ingredients the BPN Field bar not only gives you an amazing flavour, but the texture is next to none. With 280/270 calories per bar and 16g of protein, this is a well-rounded bar which will keep you full for a long time.


However, our only grumble is sometimes the bars can be slightly oily, this is down to the coconut oil used to bind the bars together.




1ST Phorm Level-1 Bar


The Level-1 Bar is the physical meaning of ‘Treat Without The Cheat’. These bars will make you feel like you are eating a chocolate bar but it is packed with 20/21g of protein per serving and between 260/270 calories depending on flavour. The flavour list of these bars is always being added to, the current total is 9 flavours, so you really are spoiled for choice.


These bars are low temperature baked which means that they will retain all the nutrients from the ingredients leaving the bar being tastier and with excellent texture which this bar certainly succeeds in. Bringing you three separate layers of flavour and texture, you will have not be disappointed. The bars come in cases of 15 and you can check them out here.


Our main downside with these bars is the flavours, while there are a lot to choose from, you will always find flavours which you do not get on with. We suggest for first time buyers, playing it safe with Salted Caramel or Choco Chip Cookie Dough!




1ST Phorm Vegan Power Pro Bar


Much like BPN, 1ST Phorm had also decided to go down the route of vegan based protein bars to widen their assortment of products for all of their customers to enjoy.


Unlike the Level-1 Bar this is a flatter bar with only one layer of flavour and a simple set of ingredients including peanut butter, dates and much more to make sure you are still getting a protein packed, yet flavoursome bar.


Much like the BPN Field Bar, this bar has less protein but brings in a higher amount of carbohydrates to keep you satiated after every bar. With of protein, 19 to 23g of carbohydrates, the bars can range between 270 to 280 calories. With 4 flavour options to choose from and 15 bars per box, 1ST Phorm have kept close to the Level-1 bar in providing its customers with a good amount of flavour options. You can check these out here.


Our main con of this product would be the texture, these bars can be quite gritty and not as soft as what they look, this however does not take away from their amazing taste!




Arms Race Nutrition Foundation Bar


This is the newest addition of protein bar to our site and a long-awaited product from Arms Race who have kept the fans waiting, but finally have given them what they want!


Unlike our other protein bars, this gives off a cereal style texture with a crunchy inside covered in either chocolate or cereal milk, dependant on flavour choice. This was a nice addition and really brings it on unique factor into the mix. Coming in two flavours Chocolate & Cinnamon Crunch Cereal these two bars will provide you with 18g of protein, 24g of carbohydrates (low amount from sugar) at only 240 calories. The combination of crisp and crunchy inside with the flavoursome outer layer really brings this bar together and will have you wanting another! You can check out the bars in a case of 12 here or single bars here.


We would say the only downside is the flavour of the Chocolate bar. In our opinion this can be underwhelming for the chocolate loves out there. This does not take away the texture which really embodies the cereal crunch that you would expect, but compared to the Cinnamon Crunch Cereal, the flavour could do with a boost!




Hopefully this blog helps you decide what your next protein bar purchase with us would be, if you do have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us on info@alistnutrition.com.


Have a great day!


Team A-List

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