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Level-1 1st Phorm protein combines whey protein concentrate and whey protein isolate to extend the time your body synthesises protein. With 10 different flavours to choose from, this high-quality protein from 1st Phorm can be mixed into shakes, coffee and oats to keep your body healthy, recover from intense workouts and help you build muscle at all times.

1st Phorm has developed a super smooth protein powder that pushes you towards your fitness goals and feel good while doing it. The smoothness of the powder is perfect for those who have experienced digestive issues from other protein powders and reduces the chance of bloating so you can feel full without discomfort no matter when you take it.


Time release protein from premium sources, like 1st Phorm Level-1, can elongate anabolism! The combination of proteins maintains the state at which your body is able to build lean muscle tissue and synthesise new protein for longer, enabling your body to recover from gruelling train sessions faster.

Whether it’s pre- post- or intra-workout, this protein supplement can be taken at any time to boost your daily intake, energise your muscles through a gruelling session or ramp up your recovery.


Any healthy male or female that is looking to curve their cravings, increase their protein intake daily, improve their recovery and of course grow lean muscle tissue. 1st Phorm also recommend you take Level 1 as a high protein meal replacement shake to potentially aid in weight loss. 

*Not intended for use by pregnant women, breast feeding women, peoples under the age of 18.


1st Phorm protein can be taken at any time throughout the day to give your protein intake a boost. Whether this is in your morning coffee or oats, as a shake during your workout or as a meal replacement for the ultimate lean protein benefit. The 5g of BCAAs and ultra high bioavailability make this product ideal for anytime use.

Level-1 is a highly versatile product and its silky smooth texture makes it a great addition to a huge range of recipes.

Our opinion is that Level-1 is a super high quality, delicious time-release protein shake that is an easy solution to increase your daily protein intake with no bloat, digestive issues or unnecessary gas.

1st Phorm Level-1 science:

  • Best Tasting Meal Replacement Protein
  • Low-Temperature Processed
  • Ultra High Bioavailability
  • No Bloat, Gas, Burps, or Upset Stomach
  • Micellar Casein (slow release)
  • Whey Protein Isolate (fast release)
  • Whey Protein Concentrate (medium release)

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