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Building muscle is a never-ending quest, and if you’ve ever tried to do it for yourself, you know first hand how incredibly difficult it can be.  

Why is that though?

Building muscle really is as simple as having a greater amount of muscle protein synthesis than muscle protein breakdown. So, why is it so hard to increase size and strength?

Well, there’s a number of things that go into play (diet, stress, sleep, etc.), but one thing that severely limits your muscle building potential is your genetics. No matter how hard you train, if you have crappy genetics, building muscle is going to be a lifelong struggle.

In an effort to forge an impressive physique, you may have contemplated the use of certain illicit, performance-enhancing substances to accelerate your progress and deliver the gains you want, now. But, those compounds often come with a plethora of unwanted side effects and potential health risks.

Wouldn’t it be ideal if there was an all-natural muscle builder that enhanced your lean mass gains, reduced unwanted body fat, and accelerated recovery?

You bet your sweet baby biceps it would be!

Such a compound does exist, and it won’t require any searching on the dark web or shady back alley deals.

This cutting edge muscle builder is Primabol!


What is Primabol?

Primabol is a 100% all natural muscle builder shown to directly activate mTOR -- the signaling pathway that drives muscle protein synthesis in humans. Research using resistance-trained athletes has noted that the ingredient in Primabol significantly improves lean mass gains, boosts strength, and reduces body fat.

Benefits of Primabol

  • Doubles lean mass gains
  • Increases protein synthesis
  • Doubles fat loss
  • Enhances strength
  • Reduces muscle protein breakdown
  • Improves athletic performance
  • Activates mTOR
  • Decreases stress and cortisol
  • Safe for Men AND WOMEN!


What is Phosphatidic Acid?

Phosphatidic acid is a naturally occurring phospholipid (glycerol molecule bonded to two fatty acids and one phosphate group) that the body readily synthesized during resistance training, especially eccentric lifting. Phospholipids are a major constituent of cell membranes (including muscle cells), that also act as signaling messengers inside the cell.

Now, to build muscle, you’ve constantly been told to eat more and more protein in order to support muscle repair and growth. And, most of us know by now that leucine is the amino acid in protein that serves as the “anabolic trigger” for stimulating muscle protein synthesis. 

But muscles aren’t just made of protein, they’re also made of fats. Specifically, the membranes of the muscle cells and organelles within the cell (such as the mitochondria) are composed of phospholipids.

When you lift weights, muscle fibers are damaged as a result of the external loading, and in response to this damage, the enzyme phospholipase D senses this damage and produces phosphatidic acid, which a sensor for your muscles to grow. More specifically, phospholipase D degrades phosphatidylcholine into choline and phosphatidic acid, which researchers found directly activates mTOR! [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8]

Basically, phosphatidic acid is to lipids what leucine is to protein -- it’s the signal the muscle cell senses and says, “I NEED TO GROW!”

Mediator Phosphatidic Acid Research

Increases Strength

Research conducted in resistance-trained athletes (i.e. weightlifters) demonstrated that consuming 750mg of phosphatidic acid daily for 8 weeks, in conjunction with a rigorous resistance training program yielded significant benefits in size and strength.

Specifically, lifters taking phosphatidic acid increased their squat strength by 12.7% and they also experienced an increase of 2.6% in lean body mass! What’s really interesting to note is that both the placebo and phosphatidic acid group consumed the same number of calories for the entire study.

But there’s more...

 Increases Lean Mass Gains

A follow-up study was conducted utilizing the same protocols as the previous study, and again phosphatidic acid delivered the goods. Lifters taking phosphatidic acid added twice as much muscle as the control group.

As if that wasn’t enough reason to consider supplementing with phosphatidic acid, consider this….

The phosphatidic acid group also increase their leg press strength by an average of 115 pounds, compared to only a 70 pound increase for the control group over the 8 week study!

Enhances Fat Loss

One other interesting trend documented in the second human trial was that the phosphatidic acid group lost 2.8 pounds of body fat compared to only 1.1 pounds of fat loss for the control group.

This means that Primabol may be an ideal body recomposition supplement that can help you burn fat and build muscle at the same time!

Faster Recovery

Phosphatidic acid has been shown to significantly increase muscle protein synthesis, which isn’t only important for muscle growth, but also muscle recovery. Elevating the amount of protein synthesis occurring in the muscle means muscle damage is repaired more quickly, which helps limit post exercise soreness and accelerates recovery, ultimately allowing you to train more frequently and get bigger, better gains!

Moreover, phosphatidic acid can actually limite muscle protein breakdown by reducing expression of a set of genes that encourage muscle protein breakdown. [16] Decreased muscle protein breakdown means an increase muscle protein levels, which promotes muscle growth.

Reduces Stress

Believe it or not, phosphatidic acid may also be useful for helping you beat back stress, providing yet another means to encourage muscle growth, as stress leads to an increase in cortisol, an incredibly catabolic hormone that eats away at muscle tissue.

Research has shown that phosphatidic acid dosed at 400mg per day showed drastic reductions in cortisol levels and no increase in heart rate. 

High Bioavailability

Ingredient bioavailability ultimately determines the effectiveness of supplements. If you’re body cannot efficiently absorb the compound, it doesn’t make a bit of difference. 

That’s where phosphatidic acid separates itself from other natural muscle builders. It’s actually been shown in humans to have a high oral bioavailability and increase plasma phosphatidic acid levels. 

Mediator -- the BEST form of Phosphatidic Acid

Phosphatidic acid is naturally synthesized in the body, and it’s found in a number of common foods, including cabbage, radishes, and lecithin granules. So, while it’s possible to get phosphatidic acid from whole foods, the amounts naturally occurring in those foods is pitifully low, and, on top of that, research shows that soy-based phosphatidic sources are the most effective.

In fact, researchers tested multiple sources of soy- and egg-derived phosphatidic acid, and showed that soy-derived phosphatidic acid (Mediator®) increased mTOR signaling the most (636%!) 

Beware Cheap Imitations of Phosphatidic Acid

Primabol uses only 100% Mediator phosphatidic acid, the only form shown to deliver the mass and strength increasing benefits of phosphatidic acid. Other unscrupulous supplement brands attempt to cut corners using generic ingredients or underdosing phosphatidic acid while making unfounded claims.

Not Primeval Labs.

We’ve included a full 1500mg Mediator (50% phosphatidic acid) per serving, yielding 750mg phosphatidic acid -- the exact same dose shown to be effective in human research studies.

With Primabol, you can rest assured you’re getting the highest quality form of phosphatidic acid on the market for superior mTOR activation and muscle growth!

Why waste money on cheap knockoffs not using Mediator phosphatidic acid? 

Your gains are well worth the investment, and that’s why we’ve provided you with the absolute best quality phosphatidic acid supplement on the market! Mediator® phosphatidic acid is verified using nuclear magnetic resonance analysis testing for quality, purity, and potency.



Consume one serving of Primabol (i.e. 6 capsules) 15-20 minutes prior to training. Each serving of Primabol supplies your muscles with 1500mg of Mediator (50% Phosphatidic Acid).

Note: Research suggests that it is best to not combine whey protein with phosphatidic acid, as combining the two actually reduces the effects of both, indicating they may compete for mTOR activation and negate the effects of each. 

Does this mean I should eliminate or avoid whey protein post workout.


You can still enjoy your whey protein shake, while still getting the benefits of phosphatidic acid. You'll just have to space out your dosing of the two muscle building supplements. 

We suggest consuming your serving of Primabol PRE WORKOUT and saving your whey protein shake for POST WORKOUT, when your muscles are craving some much needed protein.

Just to be clear, you still can have whey protein when taking Primabol, but to maximize the effects of each, separate the dosing into pre and post workout.

No Side Effects!

Best of all, Primabol is completely natural and non-hormonal! 

Furthermore, research shows it is very safe and side-effect free:

“no differences at baseline in blood chemistry and hematology between the CON and EXP supplemented groups” and “no differences were observed in urinalysis values between the groups”.

Good for Women Too!

Men aren't the only ones who can benefit from the body recomposition effects of phosphatidic acid. Women can too!

Primabol is non-hormonal and will not affect estrogen or testosterone production, making it an ideal supplement for any woman (or man) looking to increase muscle mass, lose fat, and sculpt the perfect physique.

Primabol -- The Ultimate Natural Muscle Builder

If you’ve struggled your whole life to pack on lean mass, it doesn’t have to be that way any longer. Primabol maximizes mTOR activation for better performance during training, leading to significantly greater muscle hypertrophy, lean body mass, and maximal strength.

Get the gains of the greats the natural way, with Primabol!