Primeval Labs, EAA Max Energy

  • £27.99

Primeval Labs rocked the amino acid supplement category when they released EAA Max. The product was effective, extremely well dosed, and down right delicious, but you wanted more!

You wanted all the muscle-building, performance enhancing aspects of EAA Max but with some extra energy to really get you going.

Well, Primeval fans, your prayers have been answered as we’ve now created the ultimate amino energy supplement on the market in EAA Max Energy!

Not only do you get a full dose of 2:1:1 BCAAs and comprehensive spectrum of essential amino acids, you also get ample energy to crush a daunting workout or make it through another long afternoon at the office.

This is the answer to the common, over-priced energy drink that only provides caffeine with nothing else to offer. EAA Max Energy provides all the energy you need plus supports all day muscle-building, giving you the best of both worlds in one effective and affordable product.

EAA Max Energy is perfect on training days as a pre workout or intra workout or on non-training days when you want to enhance muscle growth and recovery, but also need a little “pick me up” to get through the day. Mix a scoop into a half gallon water bottle, drink throughout the day, and kick those energy drinks and coffee cups to the curb..

EAA Max Energy is your ANYTIME, ANYWHERE solution for increased energy, muscle growth, and recovery!

Benefits of EAA Max Energy:

  • Increases energy
  • Enhances muscle protein synthesis
  • Stops muscle protein breakdown
  • Boosts performance
  • Improves focus
  • Supports energy production
  • Crushes hunger cravings
  • Enhances muscle growth
  • Supports hydration
  • Great for training AND non-training days!

Why Choose EAA Max Energy?

You’re probably wondering what separates EAA Max Energy from the rest of the energy amino acid supplements available. Simply put, virtually all of those products are lacking in one area or another. Whether it be underdosed BCAAs, incomplete essential amino acid profiles, or not enough energy, all of the options on the market simply don’t deliver on the hype. Not so with EAA Max Energy.

Each serving of EAA Max Energy provides ALL of the essential amino acids required for muscle protein synthesis (including a full 5g of 2:1:1 BCAAs!) and an extremely appropriate amount of caffeine to provide smooth, long-lasting energy that will have you on top of your game all day long.

If you don’t eat a diverse enough diet, you could be missing out on some key EAAs needed for proper protein construction. However, EAA Max Energy can help “fill in the gaps” if your diet is missing one of those essential amino acids.

Not only does EAA Max Energy enhanced protein synthesis, it also enhances energy production, muscle repair, and mitochondrial function. [1]

There’s no other way to state it, if you’re tired of chugging coffee, sickly sweet energy drinks, or underdosed BCAAs, EAA Max Energy is exactly what you’ve been looking for!

Enhance Muscle and Energy with EAA Max Energy!

EAA Max Energy has you covered no matter what your needs are. It solves your need for an energy drink, cup of coffee, pre workout, or amino acid supplement all in one fell swoop!

Nowhere else will you find a better dosed, more affordable, or superior tasting energy amino product. EAA Max Energy brings it all -- energy, focus, muscle growth, recovery, and performance.

You’ve asked for the best, and Primeval Labs has delivered the best energy amino supplement available in EAA Max Energy!


Suggested Use

Mix one scoop of EAA Max (12.1g) in 10-12oz of cold water and consume during exercise on training days. On non-training days, EAA Max Energy can be consumed throughout the day for improved recovery and muscle building.